1. The Importance of Hygienic Medical Flooring

    Healthcare facilities have come a long way even in the last 100 years. It has taken us decades, but we have almost perfected the art of caring for patients in a sanitary environment that gives them the best chance of contracting an illness as a direct result of unsanitary conditions and gives them t…Read More

  2. The Importance of Quality Flooring in Our Modern School System

    When schools are being built, many factors are considered, such as what is the best classroom layout to facilitate learning, where should the emergency exits be placed, how do we ensure school safety, and where should the common areas be placed, such as the gym and cafeteria, to avoid bottlenecks in…Read More

  3. The Value of Epoxy Flooring as an Investment

    As a business owner, you are always on the lookout for the best ways to protect your business and set it up for sustainable growth. One area of concern is likely your concrete flooring, as it is durable and beautiful, yet does not deliver the right level of protection. Many Orlando businesses turn t…Read More

  4. PPI Flooring Offers Comprehensive Flooring Services

    If you have a new build, remodel, or addition, it may fall on you to determine the best floor system for your business. Every company is unique, which is why it is important for owners and property managers to rely on commercial flooring services to help achieve a range of demands, providing support…Read More

  5. Enhance Your Commercial Kitchen With Epoxy Flooring

    During these unprecedented times, food establishments are looking for ways to generate lasting success and value for their investments, which can range from building upgrades to new cooking appliances. When it comes to your food establishment, cost-effective flooring solutions such as epoxy coatings…Read More

  6. Help Your Business Shine With Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    In today’s modern environment, businesses are planning on returning to business with clean, hygienic, and welcoming interior designs. Whether your project consists of an addition, remodel, or new construction, it can prove ideal to invest in the right floor finish to generate lasting beauty and va…Read More

  7. Epoxy Floors Versus Polished Concrete — Which Should You Choose?

    Industrial flooring is tasked with a heavy burden year after after, withstanding considerable wear and tear in addition to impacts, chemical spills, and a variety of other contaminants. Your industry-specific floor plan may require much different characteristics than your neighbor's, which is why it…Read More

  8. The Importance of Preparation for Epoxy Flooring Systems

    As the owner or manager of your business, you are likely on the lookout for products and services tailored to making your work easier and more cost-effective. It also helps to find investments to increase the quality of your brand and the beauty associated with your office or store. In many cases, p…Read More

  9. Should You Invest in Epoxy Flooring for Your Hair Salon?

    You want your salon to inspire confidence in your clients, relying on beautiful and comfortable designs to allow people to sit back and relax. In order to create a beautiful floor finish, and keep that beauty safe from harm, many salon owners turn to epoxy floor coatings for the best of both worlds.…Read More

  10. Can You Cover Cracks and Joints With Epoxy Flooring?

    It’s true, epoxy flooring is crazy durable and mixing it with concrete is a match made in heaven as far as durability. But, concrete cracks. In fact, you can depend on concrete cracking like you can depend on the inevitability of taxes. It’s always going to happen in some regard, it’s just a q…Read More