If you have a new build, remodel, or addition, it may fall on you to determine the best floor system for your business. Every company is unique, which is why it is important for owners and property managers to rely on commercial flooring services to help achieve a range of demands, providing support and safety for every day of business.

If you’re looking for ideal protection for your Orlando business, be sure to get in touch with our professionals for complete peace of mind! PPI Flooring offers comprehensive flooring services to help industry professionals achieve lasting success with their concrete floors. Our epoxy coatings are ideal for delivering hygienic protection where it is needed most, whether that is an airplane hangar, restaurant, salon, or pharmacy.

Keep reading to learn about the comprehensive value offered by PPI Flooring, including our services, finishes, and industry specialties, then be sure to give us a call for your free project quote!

Commercial Flooring Services

No matter your industry and service or product, it is essential to invest in the right floor system for the job. PPI Flooring offers a range of professional services to fit the size and scope of nearly any project. 

Our flooring contractors have the expertise to restore damaged concrete and protect existing systems with lasting epoxy solutions. We’re here to get the job done right, providing services which include:

  • Floor Prep — Your floor coating is only as good as the preparation that went into the substrate, which is why PPI focuses a lot of attention on the preparation process. Our services help to create the best subgrade for building your success.
  • Floor Systems — The complete design and implementation of your floor system as a whole is important to ensure that your building is optimally prepared for current success and future growth.
  • Urethane Finish — In some cases, cementitious urethane flooring can prove to be the best choice for covering concrete. Increase the beauty and protection from freeze/thaw cycles in your facility!
  • Epoxy Flooring — Whether as a topcoat or as a full system, epoxy flooring can help to provide the right level of protection and versatility for your facility. Durable, beautiful, and long-lasting, what isn’t to love?
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy — Those in need of an ultra-smooth and seamless finish can invest in self-leveling epoxy, creating a watertight system designed to provide you peace of mind.
  • Floor Maintenance — Investing in epoxy coatings from PPI Flooring ensures that you have the right support services to keep your floors in optimal condition. Our service plans and warranties provide complete coverage to ensure you continue to thrive with your flooring investment.

Rich, Unique Floor Finishes

One of the most valuable aspects of epoxy flooring is that it can be customized to create a unique look for any aesthetic need. In the hands of the proper flooring professionals, your epoxy coatings can also serve to create a safer environment for your workers and guests. PPI Flooring has the experience and equipment to generate a beautifully versatile finish capable of improving the trust placed in your brand.

If you’re not sure which floor finish to utilize for your business, PPI can help in selecting the best choice, including:

  • Quartz — Install the look of granite, add depth to your floors, and capture the right feel for your space with colored quartz.
  • Flakes — Broadcasting vinyl flakes across your epoxy coating can help to provide protective and aesthetic improvements.
  • Metallic — Similar to flake finishes, metallic pigments can be added to your epoxy flooring to create depth and quality. You can transform your space!
  • High-Gloss — Many applications can benefit from the brightening qualities of high-gloss epoxy coatings. Reduce your energy demands while creating a safer surface for everyone.
  • Satin — Instead of a high-gloss finish, your business can benefit from subtle reflective improvements for a more discreet shine.
  • Non-Slip — In high-traffic areas prone to moisture and slip-and-fall accidents, it’s important to find a flooring solution tailored for the job. PPI can help you achieve a safe outcome with our textured floor finishes.

Industry-Specific Advantages

PPI Flooring proudly offers epoxy floor coatings for every industry, tailoring our years of experience and leading expertise to address a wide range of industry-specific demands. We know that no two floor systems are the same, and will work with you to create a lasting solution that both delivers the highest performance for your needs and conforms to all industry standards.

High weight loads, frequent freeze/thaw cycles, and other intense factors can all impact the integrity of your concrete flooring. Let our floor coating pros provide the right results for the job!



From sensitive avionics to heavy stress points on the floors, you have a lot to worry about when it comes to your flooring in an aviation setting. PPI Flooring has experience in helping airports and private hangars address their needs in accordance with all industry regulations. We can provide an ideal solution for heavy foot traffic, heavy weight loads, grease and fuel spills, and more.

Medical Facilities

Modern healthcare must be more efficient than ever, requiring medical professionals to invest in environmental solutions to help make their services better. Epoxy coatings can provide seamless, hygienic protection across a wide range of medical facilities. Epoxy flooring can keep moisture and bacteria away while only requiring sweeping and occasional mopping for a quality shine. The result is a clean, vibrant floor system ready to meet the modern demands of modern health professionals.

Food & Beverage

Providing food and drinks for your patrons is essential, as is the safety of your floor system. Textured epoxy coatings can help to minimize slips in moisture-prone areas, as well as provide peace of mind when it comes to frequent spills and messes. PPI Flooring can help you generate a high-quality finish to brighten your floors and improve safety for everyone.


Schools, libraries, and other facilities all experience a high level of traffic with a continual concern for hygiene and safety. Epoxy flooring helps to seal out moisture and stains while also defending from heavy use, ensuring beautiful results after minimal care. From the gym to the hallways, bathrooms to classrooms, nearly every surface can be coated in epoxy to provide an ideal shine for years to come!


Clean, professional, and stylish, salon’s floors have a lot to achieve to deliver the right look and feel. PPI Flooring can help you raise the bar, impressing your clientele while minimizing concerns with moisture, spills, and more. Our team will customize a floor plan to meet your style needs and performance demands. You want to bring beauty into your clients’ lives, and our epoxy flooring services help to make the experience that much better.


The movement and storage of multiple vehicles can prove to be a major hassle for your business, especially if you are tasked with cleaning the floors from stubborn tire marks. PPI Flooring has helped showrooms such as auto dealerships achieve a rich, luxurious finish without concern for marring or staining. You’ll succeed from a clean, professional finish and a glossy shine to ensure every detail is on point.

Succeed With PPI Flooring

Ultimately, our epoxy flooring pros in Orlando are here to help your company succeed. Our ability to create customized results for your business plan helps everyone involved, including your employees and customers. You have a number of flooring contractors to choose from across Florida, which is why we are happy you are here to see the results of our work. Check out our gallery to see the quality behind PPI!

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