Investing in professional epoxy floor coating services is no small venture, and it is also one that should be followed up with for the best results. Epoxy flooring is touted as a versatile, durable coating that provides unbeatable protection. Businesses across many industries benefit from its easy installation, affordability, durability, and relatively minor maintenance. While your new epoxy floors are built to be durable, they can last for decades if properly cared for. PPI Flooring is dedicated to providing the top epoxy maintenance, repair, and protection in the industry.

Our Orlando-based flooring company is here to provide the best flooring installation services, but our care plans are tailored to ensure long-lasting quality for all of your surfaces. We understand the diverse and complex demands of many industries, and our team will help you enact the following plans:

Regular Maintenance

Routine care should be followed to keep your facility clean at all times. While hospitals and food facilities have much more stringent restrictions, basic care should be followed for all epoxy flooring for the best long-term results. Even minor granules like sand and dust can begin to wear at the protective layers of your floor, creating continuous friction that can escalate if not cleaned properly. PPI Flooring recommends sweeping as needed to keep your industrial flooring free from scratches, dulling, and other problems associated with regular wear and tear. Spot-check areas to ensure that spills and damages are addressed quickly.

Cleaning Programs

Weekly maintenance will need to be done to ensure that your floors are shiny and clean from damaging dust and dirt. Heavy foot traffic can bring in a range of outside chemicals, materials, and other elements not suitable for your facility. At a minimum, scrubbing and mopping your floors once a week will help to remove scuffs, surface scratches, and more. PPI Flooring will assist you in creating the best care plan for your epoxy floors, providing insight as to which cleaning agents are appropriate and which ones should be avoided.

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Epoxy Floor Repairs

If your concrete flooring has been marred by any number of sources, it is essential to be proactive in making repairs. PPI Flooring is available for floor repairs across Orlando, and our team can provide fast, cost-effective results. Companies can attempt DIY epoxy floor repairs, but keep in mind that skill and training can go a long way in ensuring your complete satisfaction. Our team will provide repair services in an expedient manner to minimize your downtime, delivering guaranteed results.

Recoating When Needed

While your concrete flooring will be optimally protected for years, eventually, the floors will lose their luster. You may notice that your old, worn-out floors cannot be buffed back to life, which can be indicative of the need for replacement. PPI Flooring is here to serve as your concrete resurfacing pros, and we’re able to provide a wide range of services. In some cases, recoating your epoxy floors may be the best answer.

Our team will prep, coat, and seal your epoxy flooring to return its original shine, adding a fresh layer of protection that will serve your business for many more years. Contact PPI Flooring today to learn more about our industrial flooring maintenance services. From repairs to replacement, we’re here and ready to help!