During these unprecedented times, food establishments are looking for ways to generate lasting success and value for their investments, which can range from building upgrades to new cooking appliances. When it comes to your food establishment, cost-effective flooring solutions such as epoxy coatings can help to pave the way for lasting success.

PPI Flooring offers epoxy coatings ideally suited for restaurants, including bathrooms, dining areas, and kitchens. While all aspects of the business are vital, today, we’ll look more into the importance of finding the right commercial flooring solution for your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn more about our commercial epoxy flooring for kitchen applications, and feel free to contact us for your free quote. PPI Flooring focuses on quality, and strives to deliver beautiful results!

Excellent Returns on Your Investment

You want a commercial flooring solution that won’t break the bank, plain and simple. PPI Flooring offers epoxy flooring services across Orlando to ensure that businesses such as yours experience the highest level of beauty and quality possible from a floor system.

Hygienic Results

Spills happen, in all materials and sizes. Luckily, kitchens with seamless floor systems such as epoxy flooring can take on these spills and spots without concerns of mildew or bacteria. Epoxy coatings are seamless, leaving no space for moisture to sit and promote microbial growth. The result is a clean, safe, and code-compliant floor ready for ongoing use.

Simple Upkeep

The seamless finish of your kitchen provides one key benefit when it comes time to clean up after the rush. Epoxy coatings are renowned for their simple maintenance, requiring minimal effort to retain a lasting shine. Spills are inevitable in your kitchen, yet you can focus on your work knowing that your floors can be easily mopped up for a clean, safe result.

Improved Safety

Self-leveling epoxy sounds incredibly smooth, but it doesn’t have to be a trip hazard! PPI Flooring can introduce an anti-slip coating to your epoxy to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents in the kitchen. Our flooring contractors can also customize your floors with designs and more to help establish traffic lanes and right-of-ways to reduce the number of collisions and close calls.

Long-Lasting Toughness

Under the right conditions and with the proper care, your epoxy flooring can last for decades. This, in combination with the other advantages, makes it easy to understand why epoxy is such a top choice for commercial flooring applications such as kitchens and prep rooms. Your initial investment can be returned tenfold over time, delivering complete protection from a variety of potentially harmful materials.

Proven Defenses

A simple epoxy coating can do much to protect your concrete floors from scratches, gouges, intense impacts, and more. Kitchens experience a lot of foot traffic, as well as a range of dropped items. PPI Flooring can help you customize your project to create the right level of protection, defending from a full range of physical damages and stains. In a busy kitchen environment, this advantage will become more evident as time goes on.

Impressive Temperature Ranges

Concrete flooring is designed to be tough, but can experience issues with shrinkage and expansion when exposed to extreme temperatures. Epoxy flooring offers stable results in areas exposed to continual heat or freezing, including food lockers, baking areas, and more. Contact us online to find the right epoxy coating to meet your temperature demands.

Minimal Downtime

Installing a new flooring system in your kitchen may provide years of quality use, but what about the downtime involved with renovating your space? Epoxy Flooring can be installed fast, minimizing the closure of your kitchen to ensure that your business is back in action without any setbacks. PPI Flooring will work with you to create a fast and effective plan for your project.

High-Gloss Shines

In busy, cramped kitchen spaces, it’s important to take steps to ensure that everyone is able to see and communicate clearly. Epoxy flooring comes in a variety of finishes to meet every kitchen design, and may prove helpful in brightening your prep space. High-gloss epoxy can improve safety and reduce artificial light needs, adding a bump to your energy savings.

Convenient Code Compliance

Meeting your customer needs and upkeeping your establishment can prove to both be full-time jobs, but when it comes to health inspections, you need to be ready to prioritize your time and focus on maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Any damages or hygienic concerns with your floors can lead to issues, up to and including closures until the problem is resolved. Epoxy flooring can help to achieve a range of industry-specific needs, helping food establishments pass their inspections. Over time, the right floor system will help you to create a pattern of clean and healthful inspection results.

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