With the right treatment, your concrete floors can last a lifetime. PPI Flooring of Orlando specializes in concrete flooring services ranging from installations and resurfacing to polishing, repairs, and more. Our team can create beautiful finishes that meet all of your industry-specific needs in the most effective and affordable manner. This blog page features all of our exciting news and helpful advice featuring what to do with your commercial floor system. Ready to see how fast and effective our floor finishing services can be? Contact us today for more information!

  1. The Beauty of Polished Concrete For Your Business

    Businesses across Florida rely on their concrete flooring to provide a safe, sturdy, and beautiful surface for customers and employees to traverse. Whether you manage a restaurant or maintain your own aircraft hangar, it pays to find the right protective coating for your floor system. One beautifull…Read More

  2. Can You Cover Cracks and Joints With Epoxy Flooring?

    It’s true, epoxy flooring is crazy durable and mixing it with concrete is a match made in heaven as far as durability. But, concrete cracks. In fact, you can depend on concrete cracking like you can depend on the inevitability of taxes. It’s always going to happen in some regard, it’s just a q…Read More

  3. The Advantages Of Concrete Flooring With Your Orlando Epoxy Team

    For many businesses, their building is more than just a structure for generating results; it is a vehicle that will help drive future success. Many business owners and property managers are left with a bevy of design options to best outfit their facility. If you are in charge of your office, the cha…Read More