Simple Designs

Instead of relying on high-tech tools and modern floor coatings, benefit from the simplicity and effectiveness of our epoxy flake services. Consisting of a binder (our epoxy coatings) and an assortment of small, vinyl flakes, businesses everywhere can benefit from the proven durability, beauty, and simplicity of our chip flake services.

Dozens Of Color Options

Aesthetics can play a major role in any business decision, and installing epoxy floors with flakes can do much to enhance the quality and beauty of your concrete flooring. PPI Flooring is proud to deliver customized outcomes for every project, relying on our vast experience and top-notch inventory to get the job done right.

Epoxy flooring can be beautiful, especially when installed by knowledgeable experts in a fashion-savvy manner. Our concrete resurfacing and finishing services provide a range of colors and textures for every floor, giving you the ability to achieve the perfect look for your business. Our vinyl flakes come in differing sizes and dozens of different colors, giving builders and business owners plenty of power in setting the tone for their building’s interior. From subtle greys and forest greens to chip flakes that glow in the dark, consumers have a wide range of options, and PPI Flooring is here to help!

Contact us today to learn about the products we use in our epoxy flake installation services; we’re confident that we can find the perfect results for your business!

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Beautiful Outcomes

Ultimately, the color combinations you choose will amount to one goal — making everything beautiful. Our epoxy chip coatings can introduce a lot of character into ordinary concrete flooring, replacing that dull, uniform surface with a high-quality epoxy finish that is sure to shine for years to come. Our Orlando-based flooring contractors are here and ready to help, so be sure to call us today for a complete quote!

Durable Results

Beyond the aesthetic value provided by chip flakes, your floors will also perform much better. Consisting only of our epoxy resin and polymer chips, consumers can expect rigid results that defend against cracks, scratches, gouges, and more. These flakes help to form a resistant layer that benefits from the full advantages of our epoxy floor coats, with added strength and durability to keep your floors in good shape for the future.

Epoxy Flooring For Many Surfaces

Broadcasting vinyl flakes onto your floors can provide a beautiful result for your boring concrete floors, and in the right hands, it can applied to many surfaces. PPI Flooring is here to provide epoxy floor coating solutions for businesses all across Florida, and our contractors are here to deliver amazing finishes for every application, including:

  • Retail establishments
  • Workshops
  • Vet clinics
  • Playground areas
  • Manufacturing lines
  • Public pool decks
  • Aviation
  • Car dealerships
  • Mechanic shops
  • And more

PPI Flooring is here to provide the best outcome for all of our clients across Florida, delivering amazing results with any of our commercial flooring services. Contact us today or fill out the form below to see how affordable and beneficial vinyl flakes can be for your project!