The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coats

Before making the choice for one of our concrete flooring solutions, it’s important to understand the full value that epoxy flooring can deliver to your business. PPI Flooring is:


Industries that are prone to high levels of moisture can benefit from an epoxy coating to seal water out, protecting your floors for the long haul. Breathable materials are also available for slabs in moisture-prone areas.


Longevity means a better ROI. Epoxy floors are built to provide years of rugged protection in a variety of applications. As long as it is properly maintained, you can expect shining results for years.


 One of the biggest advantages of this industrial flooring material is its low cost. Epoxy can be installed directly onto your prepared concrete floor, minimizing labor and material costs.


Many companies expect their floor to resist stains and corrosion caused by a variety of caustic elements. With epoxy, oils, gasoline, cleaning agents, and more can come into contact with your floors with no consequence (provided cleanup follows shortly afterwards).


Modern epoxy products produce very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is an odorless, inert substance after it cures.


Epoxy flooring can be tailored to suit your exact style demands. When installed by our professional team, simple floor coatings can deliver depth and a shining finish that enhances the look of your facility.


Additives such as lines and striping, anti-fatigue mats, and no-slip textures can help to create a product that meets all of your needs.

Quality Matters!

No one in Florida can deliver the quality that PPI Flooring does. Our attention to detail and extensive preparation creates results that no one else can match. PPI Flooring understands that quality is more than just a word, it’s a passion that allows us to deliver the best services and products to every customer.

Quality Comes From Preparation

In order to achieve the best result for your floor system’s surface, you need to start at the bottom. PPI Flooring understands the key value that preparation services in epoxy flooring applications, and our team will work diligently to create an ideal bond for your business. Improper installation services can result in unfavorable results, including peeling, bubbling, and generally compromised surfaces. Small contaminants can trap air and impact the clear shine of your epoxy floor, requiring further labor to remedy.

PPI Flooring has perfected our preparation services to ensure your hospital, firehouse, or hotel lobby is equipped with an ideal shine that boosts the professionalism of your establishment. Perfection is our goal, and our customers have been able to tell the quality difference for decades. For decades, we have delivered quality on projects across North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean. Our experience paves the way for expert results, and we’re confident that we can deliver an ideal outcome to meet or exceed your expectations.

High Expectations, Affordable Outcomes From PPI Flooring

From our planning and preparation services to ongoing maintenance to keep your epoxy floors shining, nobody delivers the same level of professionalism as our industrial flooring company. Every element of our business focuses on precision to minimize waste at every level. By reducing our overhead, PPI Flooring is able to deliver the most affordable outcomes for every business. Contact us today to learn about our cost-effective solutions, and be sure to request your service quote.

Top-Notch Protection

Epoxy flooring across large spans of concrete can add up in cost, making it essential for builders across Florida to rely on a local company that delivers peace of mind both now and five years from now. Your business will be left with a beautiful floor system that shines, and the results will be covered up to 10 years with 100-percent coverage for both labor and materials. Our team is bonded and insured up to $5 million, providing serious peace of mind from start to finish.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Over the past 25 years, our concrete flooring specialists have worked to create the most advantageous outcomes for every industry, and we have perfected our safety standards in the process. Keeping our team, your workers, and your facility safe is our top priority. How safe? PPI Flooring has an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of .79. What does this mean?

A company’s Experience Mod consists of either a credit or debit in the eyes of the insurance company offering coverage. This value leverages past injuries and future risks to establish a measurement amongst different businesses in any given rate. A Mod factor of 1.0 is considered the industry average, with companies earning a higher number because their losses were worse than expected. This value plays a large role in determining insurance premiums.

PPI Flooring’s EMR is proof of our dedication to safety, and our lowered insurance premiums will result in lower service costs for all of our epoxy flooring services.

Industry-Specific Epoxy Applications

One reason why professionals rely on epoxy for their industrial flooring needs is because it is versatile enough to be tailored for nearly every industry. Hospitals will have very different flooring requirements and regulations compared to a manufacturing plant, which is why PPI Flooring strives to create a personalized fit for every project.

If you’re in need of a commercial-grade floor system that delivers the ideal level of cost and protection, our epoxy flooring pros will be happy to assist. A few of the industries we have worked in over the years include: 

  • Aviation
  • Assembly lines
  • Bars and clubs
  • Blast facilities
  • Bottling plants
  • Body shops
  • Breweries
  • Cafeterias
  • Carwashes
  • Clean rooms
  • Coolers
  • Electronic storage
  • Fitness centers
  • Hospitals and doctor offices
  • Laboratories
  • Machine shops
  • Office buildings
  • Parking garages
  • Refineries
  • Schools
  • Storage facilities
  • Storage for chemicals
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Warehouses
  • And more!

Epoxy Flooring Versus Epoxy Floor Coating – Is There a Difference?

One important distinction to make is that there is indeed a difference between epoxy flooring and floor coatings. The terms are often used interchangeably amongst customers and industry professionals, but pricing and performance will vary based on your choice. The term “epoxy flooring” is applied to any result that is thicker than 2mm. This application provides structural support and serves as a rigid floor system for a variety of applications. An epoxy floor coating, on the other hand, consists of any depth less than 2mm in order to provide a protective layer on top.

Don’t Forget the Finish!

While epoxy flooring is designed to provide rigid protection and a variety of advantages to your concrete flooring system, it may not be enough for certain applications. PPI Flooring can work with you to find the right topcoat for your industrial or commercial floors, relying on high-quality products to ensure an ideal fit that serves your business for years to come.

Customers can rely on one of several flooring finishes, including:

  • Urethane finishes — Introduce an amazing finish in a variety of colors with pigmented urethane products. Laboratories, clean rooms, and other sanitary spaces can benefit from the high-gloss appearance of this floor finish.
  • Polymer floor coatings — While each material requires different preparations and circumstances for a quality finish, polymer flooring options come in many mixtures to deliver a quality finish. Epoxy and polyurethane mortars, for example, deliver added protection and UV resistance.

How your concrete flooring looks will play a huge role in the overall appearance of your business. Additionally, your facility may require added coatings or finishes to ensure that the beauty lasts year after year. “You get what you paid for,” is one adage that is true for epoxy flooring applications, so be sure you are confident in the products and personnel deployed to create your floor system.

PPI Flooring is here to provide a wide variety of epoxy flooring finishes to deliver a personalized result across nearly every industry, including:

Decorative Quartz

Enhance both the durability and beauty of your floors, epoxy floor coatings that contain quartz can deliver a luxury feel. Relying on quartz granules, our industrial flooring specialists can combine this material with a thick binder coat to lay the base layer. Once dry and cleaned, a second layer is added, followed by a clear coat and chemical finish. The result is a sanitary, durable, and beautiful surface that can be applied in manufacturing plants, public facilities, and more. PPI Flooring can provide scalable services that coat your front lobby, shop floor, and every surface in between.

Epoxy Flakes

Epoxy flooring with flake additives is a simple, affordable practice that provides considerable aesthetic benefits for any business. Dealerships, vet clinics, repair shops, and more all rely on vinyl flakes to create a luxurious look that adds depth to any epoxy flooring system. From residential applications to FAA hangars, epoxy flakes are also ideal because of the added protection and texture. Showrooms benefit from broadcasting flakes to obscure any imperfections in the floor system. One of the most advantageous aspects of this floor finish is that you can choose from dozens of color options! Small details such as the color and shine of your flakes for epoxy floor coating can make a dramatic difference in the overall design once all is said and done.


Businesses looking for a luxurious way to add depth and personalized beauty to their industrial floor system can turn to metallic epoxy floor coats for a true shine. By infusing metallic pigments into the resin, our concrete flooring pros can apply a coat that highlights depth, movement, and more. Beauty salons, retail stores, restaurants, and a variety of other facilities can benefit from the high-quality shine that will last for years, relying on the proven quality of epoxy flooring with the added shine of metal. Our team has the experience and equipment needed to deliver a variety of finishes, tailored to meet your design preferences and industry-specific requirements. Call us today to learn more about our metallic epoxy flooring options!


Businesses in need of a quality floor finish that is breathable, durable, and able to protect concrete floors from a variety of fluids can invest in a satin finish for quality results. This material is highly beneficial for companies looking for top-notch protection on surfaces at or below grade, where moisture infiltration is a concern. Satin epoxy is beneficial for keeping oils, grease, and gasoline out of your concrete, preventing stains and corrosion to keep your slab in perfect condition. Satin provides a low-glass solution for companies wanting a quality shine that doesn’t reflect too much light.

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