Healthcare facilities have come a long way even in the last 100 years. It has taken us decades, but we have almost perfected the art of caring for patients in a sanitary environment that gives them the best chance of contracting an illness as a direct result of unsanitary conditions and gives them the best chance of a full recovery. That being said, healthcare is by no means perfect, and we are still learning best practices and techniques that will continue to impact healthcare for years to come.

One area of improvement in healthcare facilities is flooring. Let’s face it, you don’t often look at floors unless you are staring awkwardly at them because you have nothing else to look at. We tend to take for granted that flooring is safe and does its job. However, not all flooring is created equal. In fact, we believe that the best flooring for healthcare facilities is epoxy floor coatings.

PPI Flooring offers epoxy floor coatings for medical facilities across the Orlando area that are microbial. Our team boasts over 25 years of experience and 10,000,000 sq ft of epoxy floor coating installations. We are dedicated to ensuring you get the most value for your money. Below, we’ll take a look at the importance of hygienic medical floorings for your healthcare facility. Contact our epoxy flooring company to get started today!

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Prevent the Spread of Germs

Antimicrobial epoxy floor coatings create a surface that makes it extremely hard for microbes, such as bacteria, fungi, or mold, to grow. In fact, this type of epoxy flooring can help to reduce bacteria by up to 99.99% in just two hours of contact. As you can imagine, this means there are less of these bad guys to get transferred to places where it could do harm. Hygiene is improved, the longevity of the flooring is lengthened, and you’ll notice an immediate reduction in stains and bad odors as well.

Contains No Seams

Germs can grow on any surface. Being microscopic, all they need is a very small opening in which to grow. Having flooring with gaps, seams, or creases is an open invitation for germs to grow unimpeded since cleaning agents are notoriously hard to get into every crevice. When you invest in our floor coating systems with PPI Flooring in Orlando, you can rest assured that you will have one smooth surface in your healthcare facility, eliminating the worry of germs in the cracks.


Flooring needs to be extremely durable in a medical facility. After all, not only are you having staff, patients, and family members walk on the floor all day, every day, but you are also having medical equipment being wheeled around from room to room, wheelchairs rolling over flooring, as well as hospital beds on rollers with occupants being moved from place to place. You need a medical flooring that can stand up to this type of wear and tear. PPI Flooring in Orlando offers the best epoxy flooring for your medical facility. Get a free estimate today!

Easy to Clean

In a medical facility, it can seem like wiping down and disinfecting surfaces are endless chores. After all, you have a myriad of liquids, body fluids, medical fluids, such as antiseptic liquids, and liquid medications that can spill. In this instance, it is imperative that you invest in an easy-to-care-for flooring, such as epoxy floor coatings, that is super easy to mop, disinfect, and soak up spills. PPI Flooring can help you with your Orlando medical facility flooring needs. Call today.

Anti-Slip Properties

Because of the constant spills one has to handle in a medical facility, it’s important to invest in a flooring with anti-slip properties. In a hospital or urgent care facility for example, doctors and nurses are often seen running to respond to patients’ needs, as well as wheeling a patient in a bed quickly. If there is a spill on the floor that has not yet been cleaned up, having a non-slip surface can be a lifesaver. Plus, on a snowy day when everyone is tracking in snow or a rainy day when water is everywhere on the floors, you want assurance that the potential for slips, trips, or falls is extremely minimal, indeed. Epoxy floor coatings meet this anti-skid need. Call to learn more today.


Flooring is super important in your healthcare facility. You need a flooring that resists germs with microbial properties, that offers non-slip properties to protect your staff and patients from fall hazards, that is easy to clean since liquids of some sort are constantly falling on the floor, that is seamless so no germs can take root, and that is durable to withstand the constant comings and goings of people and equipment. In truth, there are not many flooring options up to this task.

PPI Flooring offers epoxy floor coatings for your Orlando healthcare facility that can meet all of these tasks. Epoxy floors resist scratches, can withstand corrosive spills, such as acids, and are stain-resistant. Our epoxy floors come in a variety of finishes and colors to meet your aesthetic preferences, such as quartz, non-slip, or high gloss. Epoxy floors are highly resistant to water, and they can be customized to your healthcare facility’s needs. If you are interested in our floor coating systems in the Orlando area, reach out to our epoxy flooring company for a free estimate today!