I’m James Cook, the owner, and operator of PPI Flooring.

We are Professional Specifiers and Installers of Industrial Floor Coatings and Resurfacing Systems.

PPI is committed to being recognized as a leader in the Floor Coating & Resurfacing Industry.  We achieve this by maintaining strong principles and standards of operation through effective leadership and management practices.

Our representatives earn each client’s trust and business through honest and effective communication. Each client is serviced with quality and durability in mind. We strive daily to make our installers the best trained and best equipped in the industry.

The systems we recommend are composed of the finest materials from manufacturers whose products are lab tested, time proven and designed specifically for high-performance flooring application.

Our team has personnel that have been dedicated to the industrial flooring industry for 30 years and have worked with PPI and James Cook for 20 plus years.

Our safety is very important, we are PICS approved and our experience modification is .79.

In the past 25 years, we have serviced floors in North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

We have successfully installed in the excess of 10,000,000 sq. ft of floor coatings and resurfacers.

We have performed TURN-KEY projects for a diverse customer base from small projects to multi-million dollars projects. We have helped the small business owners to installations for 20 of the top fortune 50 companies in the U.S.A. We understand that Safety, protecting your products and employees and delivering a quality project on time is the goal.

When we’ve finished, you’ll have flooring that can last for decades, protected by guarantees up to 10 years covering 100% of materials and labor, depending on the project. Plus, you can feel safe from start to finish with the knowledge that we’re bonded and insured for up to $5 million.

We believe, true customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without the ongoing presence of Honesty, Integrity, Service and most of all…..Value.

Give us a call and you will see why we earned the reputation for our SM “Provide Solutions with Excellence”

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