Investing in epoxy flooring is one of the most financially responsible things you could do for your salon in Orlando. Whether you’re opening a new salon, or you’re in grave need of updating your current flooring, epoxy flooring is likely the best solution for you. For through epoxy flooring, you can access a number of beneficial perks that will make your life as a business owner far easier.


One of the main attractions of epoxy flooring is the affordability of it. As long as the concrete base of the flooring in your property is in good shape, then you’re good to proceed forward with an epoxy coating. Installation is quick and easy, and opens a doorway to a multitude of benefits that you’ve likely never dreamed of a flooring material offering.

For one, cleaning your flooring will become much easier. Epoxy flooring is both water and stain resistant. This is easily achieved because epoxy is naturally poreless. The main issue with any flooring that gets stained or corroded is that it has loads of pores for chemicals and water to seep into the flooring material. When you’re working in a salon, you can count on chemicals from perms, bleaches, and relaxants getting on your floor, but with epoxy flooring, you’ll never know it was there. Your cleaning materials will be inexpensive too, as all you’ll need is a dust mop and a bottle of Windex for any spills and dust.

When you invest in epoxy flooring, you’ll have plenty of funds left over to design the rest of your salon with stunning pieces. Plus, they’ll be easily matched in their beauty by your flooring because of how easy it is to customize.


The seamless look of epoxy flooring is indeed gaining in popularity because of its stunning and remarkable beauty. You can create an epoxy flooring design that looks like marble or one that looks like wood. You can even get more creative with it and have your epoxy encasing organic materials, like leaves from trees and flowers. The possibilities with epoxy are endless and nearly always end up totally stunning.

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Don’t limit yourself by not investing in a limitless flooring material. Make your flooring more custom, more beautiful, and more utilitarian all with one upgrade to epoxy flooring. Reach out to us today to get started on the renovation project that could reinvent your brand and aesthetic.