Is your facility’s flooring losing its luster and shine over years of wear and tear? If so, your business could benefit significantly from a new floor system. However, if you have thought about installing new flooring in your facility, you may not know which type of flooring product is right for your industry. While many think that all flooring installations and flooring materials are the same, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, at PPI Floors, we treat every installation as a unique project that requires a specialized floor system unique to the facility that we are renovating. You may be wondering if epoxy flooring is suitable for the needs of your industry, and we’re here to tell you that epoxy flooring is one of the most diverse flooring solutions currently available.

At PPI Floors, we have worked across countless industries by installing high-quality epoxy floor systems that are built to last. In fact, some of our past clients include many of the leading Fortune 500 companies from around the world. Our long-standing reputation of never settling for anything less than a flawless flooring installation has allowed us to become one of the top epoxy flooring companies in not only Orlando, but the entire country. Below are just a few of the many industries that we work hard to provide with uncompromising service. If you don’t see your company’s industry listed below, there’s a good chance that we can still help you by installing the best epoxy flooring materials for your industry’s needs. Get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today to see how we can help your business!

Food Service

The food service industry is demanding and fast paced. This can sometimes make it difficult for your kitchen’s flooring to remain clean at all times, leading to bacteria growth, the accumulation of grease, and staining and discoloration. As you can see, there are a number of outside forces that can cause your floors to become riddled with unwanted substances. Worse yet, if your restaurant’s floors are not coated with a non-slip top coat, you could be putting both yourself and your employees at risk.

In a recent study that was conducted by the National Floor Safety Institute, it was found that, “85 percent of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors.” This statistic begins to become even more concerning when considering that, “floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year.” For this reason, if your restaurant’s flooring is old and outdated, you may want to consider utilizing a non-slip flooring such as epoxy when it comes time to renovate your business’s interior.

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If you frequently work in an aircraft hangar, whether as a pilot or airplane mechanic, you are well aware of the corrosive substances that you must work with daily. From hydraulic fluid and fuel for your plane, to a variety of oils and greases, there is never a shortage of fluids that have the ability to stain or permanently damage the flooring in your hangar. Many aircraft mechanics rely on epoxy flooring to keep their hangar looking spotless for years to come thanks to its incredible resistance to chemicals and corrosive materials.

Not only is epoxy flooring extremely practical for reducing the likelihood of permanent damage being done to your hangar’s flooring, it can also help to provide more light inside your hangar. Many individuals choose to install a highly-reflective epoxy flooring in their aircraft hangar, as it can help to better illuminate the underside of your aircraft while reducing the need for additional lighting. This can make routine maintenance a breeze, and can also help to reduce your facility’s lighting costs.

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Healthcare & Biotechnology

Being able to conduct day-to-day operations in a sterile environment is of utmost importance, especially if you work in the healthcare or biotechnology sector. While disease and illness are often cause for concern, you also want to ensure that older individuals will be able to easily navigate your facility without losing their footing. These are common concerns that can be easily alleviated through the use of non-slip epoxy flooring. With a non-slip polyurethane top coat, you can be confident knowing that this non-porous material will do an exceptional job of resisting bacteria growth while providing an additional sense of stability for all of those that use your facility. This can help to reduce the amount of airborne pathogens in your facility while providing a functional yet aesthetic flooring solution.

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Commercial Manufacturing

If you own a warehouse that stores corrosive fluids, chemicals, electronic devices, or any other valuable items that are essential to your day-to-day operations, then you need the right type of flooring that is capable of withstanding extreme weights and harmful substances. While there are a number of flooring solutions currently available, there is only one floor product that is capable of completely protecting your facility’s floors.

Epoxy flooring possesses a number of resilient characteristics, making it an exceptional choice for withstanding chemical spills, heavy-weight bearing objects, wear and tear, and so much more. While other flooring products can deteriorate over time when put under stress from pallet jacks or forklifts, a coated concrete floor can easily outlast this type of abrasion and stress. When combining all of these characteristics with the fact that epoxy flooring requires minimal upkeep and cleaning, you can begin to see why this is such a lucrative flooring option for commercial manufacturers.

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Whether elementary school or the highest levels of education, it’s no secret that your institution’s flooring must withstand constant foot traffic. Although your students may not be aware of the high-quality flooring product beneath their feet, you still want a floor system that will last you for years to come. Epoxy flooring is not only a great choice for your school’s hallways, it is also a suitable flooring material for bathrooms, thanks to its antimicrobial properties. As you can see, there is little that epoxy flooring is not capable of handling with ease.

One of the reasons why many lower levels of education rely on epoxy flooring is due to its non-skid texture that is able to reduce the amount of slip-and-fall accidents. By nature, children are more prone to injury while running and playing with their peers, which is why it is necessary for your school to have a floor system with non-slip features throughout the most highly trafficked areas in your institution.

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Why Epoxy Flooring

No matter what kind of business you operate, your flooring is susceptible to everyday wear and tear. Although you may think that your flooring is safe from cracking, breaking, or staining, the integrity of your flooring material will begin to degrade over an extended period of time. If you want your flooring to endure years of frequent use, then you need the top flooring material that is time tested and built to outlast the most durable flooring products. With epoxy flooring, you can be confident that your floor system will be able to withstand the toughest use and the harshest substances. Below are just a few of the many ways that you can keep your facility’s flooring protected by using an epoxy substrate and top coating.

Chemical Resistant

If you have ever experienced a chemical spill in your facility, you know just how damaging these liquids can be when coming in contact with your flooring. Not only do harmful chemicals have the potential to erode your floor’s glossy top coat, they can even penetrate deeply into your flooring, ensuring that you will not be able to effectively remove any staining that occurs. However, with epoxy flooring, you can rest easy knowing that your new flooring solution will be protected by a high-quality, chemical-resistant top coat.

Abrasion Resistant

No matter what industry you serve, your flooring will be no stranger to frequent foot traffic and heavy machinery. For this reason, there is often a need for a floor system that will be able to hold up to frequent abrasion. Since concrete is one of the most durable flooring solutions available, especially when paired with a high-quality polyurethane coating, it will be able to withstand the heavy abrasion that is most commonly found throughout industrial and commercial industries.

Impact Resistant

While spills and stains can sometimes be resolved with cleaning agents, the effect that heavy impact can have on your facility’s flooring has the potential to be irreversible. From cracks and chips, to scuffs and scouring, there are many ways that your floors can become permanently damaged. This is why many companies working in the industrial and commercial sector choose epoxy flooring when they are looking for a floor product that is resistant to excessive weight and extreme impacts.

Thermal Shock Resistant

When excessive heat is applied to an object, the object in question has the potential to expand by various amounts. This sudden expansion causes the object in question to become strained and stressed which can ultimately result in the object suddenly fracturing. Luckily, epoxy flooring in combination with a protective top coat can work to mitigate any undue effects that your floor may experience from extreme temperatures. If you have experienced just how severely thermal shock can impact your flooring, you may want to consider investing in an incredibly heat-resistant epoxy flooring solution.


Since many flooring options available are porous by nature, they are able to effectively absorb moisture and bacteria which can create an extremely unsanitary environment that poses an incredible risk for all those that enter your business. Worse yet, if you work in the healthcare sector, these types of porous floors have the potential to spread illnesses rapidly throughout your facility. That’s why hospitals, veterinary clinics, and many other businesses that require the greatest degree of sterilization rely on epoxy flooring. When finished with a protective polyurethane top coat, porous concrete flooring can be easily transformed into non-porous flooring capable of resisting bacteria, mold, dirt, and grime.

Resistant To Wear and Tear

One of the biggest factors for flooring to lose its luster and sheen over a course of years is simply due to everyday wear and tear. From customer foot traffic and heavy machinery to spills and stains, there are a number of outside elements that can potentially harm your facility’s flooring. With epoxy flooring, however, your floors will be protected for decades with routine care and maintenance. We’re so confident in our epoxy flooring, in fact, that we offer a 10-year guarantee on 100 percent of materials and labor for each and every one of our flooring installations!

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Why Choose PPI Flooring?

Finding a flooring installation company that is devoted to exceeding your needs can be difficult. Many flooring companies lack the experience and expertise needed to complete an installation with minimal downtime, which can cause a logistic nightmare for both you and your business. Why put your business’s bottom line at stake by choosing a less than qualified floor installation company? Instead, choose the flooring experts at PPI Floors! We offer all of our clients nearly 30 years of epoxy flooring knowledge that simply cannot be matched by our competitors. We know that you may be hesitant about such a monumental renovation, which is why our team of experts will work directly with you to help you find the top floor products that are best suited for your specific industry. With a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on all of our materials and labor, you can be confident knowing that you are working with one of highest-rated epoxy flooring companies worldwide.

If you would like to learn if our epoxy flooring installation services are right for your industry’s wide variety of needs, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly professionals today. We know that you will be pleased with our attention to detail and commitment to our customers, which is why we offer a no-obligation, no-cost project quote for all of our prospective clients. Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your business’s flooring!

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