PPI Flooring is here to deliver the best floor coating services across Florida, relying on decades of experience to provide exacting results that meet your expectations and your budget. Regardless of the project size or industry demands, our concrete flooring team is here to deliver unparalleled protection.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

First and foremost, many people do not understand what epoxy truly is. This is easy to understand, given the number of terms involved. Epoxy floor coatings often consist of a combination of epoxy, water, and solvents to provide a chemical bond that perfectly covers your floors for complete protection. Epoxies consist of two parts, the resin and the hardener. When combined, your resin will begin to solidify, bonding with the surface and creating a rigid, durable surface that further protects your concrete flooring. In many cases, the amount of time you have to work with your epoxy mixture before it sets will determine the quality of the coating.

Epoxy floor coatings provide a wide range of benefits across many industries, including increased compressive strength, better resistance to impacts and abrasions, superior moisture and stain control, and more. As your trusted source for floor installations across Florida, PPI Flooring can assist you through every step of your project. Whether you need a new concrete floor, or hope to protect your existing one, our contractors are to provide a diverse set of services.

Types of Epoxy Flooring Systems

Not only is epoxy floor coating an affordable and beneficial service, but it can also be done in a manner of ways to deliver the best fit for your business. PPI Flooring is proud to provide a range of industrial flooring systems, including:

  • Flake Floors – As the name entails, this epoxy flooring system consists of colorful chips that are introduced to the fresh material for quality results. Versatile for use in residential and commercial flooring applications, epoxy flakes provide an aesthetic appeal that comes in a diverse collection of styles, shapes, textures, and colors. This also protects your concrete while providing added slip protection.
  • Self-Leveling Epoxy – Projects that require epoxy coating over new or old concrete flooring can benefit from this self-leveling service. Your resin will be added so that gravity helps to create a smooth, seamless surface. From kitchens to warehouses, this approach can prove ideal outcomes across large areas.
  • Mortar Coatings – This ultra-durable epoxy floor is tailored to perform well under the heaviest conditions. Manufacturing plants, shipping warehouses, and other facilities rely on heavy machinery to transport major loads, placing extreme wear and tear on the floors. Mortar epoxy is the strongest floor coating available and is applied by hand, often in combination with our finishings for the best result.
  • Graveled Epoxy – This design-first blend can provide the best aesthetics for your business. Graveled floors can be customized for a wide range of uses, whether to enhance a space or simply serve as your company logo. You can create beautiful, dynamic designs for your floors.
  • Terrazzo Coatings – As the material implies, terrazzo is a beautiful floor system that relies on glass, synthetic materials, and aggregates to create a pleasing outcome. This decorative epoxy flooring system is ideal for business hallways, entrances, foyers, and more.
  • Anti-Static Epoxy – Static electricity can prove to be very problematic for for many businesses. Those working in medical, laboratory, or technological industries may need this epoxy coating to prevent static shocks.

Epoxy Coating for Differing Needs

One key advantage to our epoxy floor coating in Orlando is that you can find different epoxy systems for different needs. The composition of your resin, for example, will help to determine the quality and versatility of your floors. PPI Flooring is here to help, providing expert epoxy coating services that are sure to meet your industry’s high demands. Generally, consumers have three types of epoxy flooring to choose from:

  1. Full Epoxy-Based Floor Coatings

Your flooring system will perform best if reinforced with a 100-percent epoxy mixture. Many floor coating companies provide 20-year warranties and more to ensure peace of mind to go with the quality of this durable service. From heavy foot traffic to forklifts, loading trucks, and more, this epoxy system is designed to perform. PPI Flooring will place your epoxy finish perfectly, allowing it to cure and bond with the concrete below.

  1. Solvent-Based Floor Systems

This type of epoxy relies primarily on solvents for your sealing and priming needs. Ranging in concentration, the composition of this coating often makes it useful for use in thin, protective layers. While solvent-based floor systems are still done, modern regulations make it hard to use this product. The primary reason is because solvents off-gas in a manner that introduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your building. This floor coating approach is rarely able to pass compliance regulations, making it a rarity in today’s industry.

  1. Water-Based Epoxy Flooring

Similar to solvent-based products, this thin coating is primarily used to seal and coat. Water helps to make your epoxy more malleable, infiltrating porous surfaces for added protection. Many industries can benefit from water-based coatings, but keep in mind that the H2O component will drastically reduce your surface’s ability to defend from scratches and impacts. Many homeowners benefit from this DIY material, but for heavier commercial use, full epoxy flooring services are recommended.

Epoxy flooring can prove to be an incredible investment for your business, but only if installed by experienced experts. PPI Flooring is here to serve as your source for complete concrete flooring protection in Orlando. Contact us today to learn more about our epoxy floor coating or to receive your no-hassle quote!