What Is Concrete Polishing?

If you are wanting to bring your epoxy floors to life, there is no better way of doing so than with concrete polishing from PPI Flooring. However, before having your concrete floors polished, we must first use concrete grinding tools to eliminate any possibility of imperfections that may be present on your flooring. Once we have effectively smoothened your epoxy flooring, we will then apply a high-quality chemical designed to make your flooring more resistant to cracking, spills, and staining. Finally, a stain or color of your choice is applied, along with a final polish, resulting in a finished product that will complement the look and feel of your facility.

Why Choose PPI Flooring?

We know that your flooring is supposed to make a statement to your customers and guests, that’s why you should work with Florida’s best epoxy flooring company! With countless years of experience, and having helped some of the top Fortune 500 companies around the world, we are equipped to handle any project, no matter the size!

Light Reflectivity

While many flooring options lack variety where light reflectivity is concerned, epoxy flooring can be installed with reflectivity ranging from a dark luster to an incredibly high gloss. Whatever your needs may be, and no matter the industry that you serve, PPI Flooring is here to help!

Resistant to Staining

Whether you work with corrosive fluids that have the potential to eat away at your flooring, or your facility is prone to frequent spills and stains, epoxy flooring is fit to handle the job. In fact, as we mentioned previously, our epoxy flooring fights back against, stains, corrosion, and so much more!

Low Maintenance

One of the best features of epoxy flooring that our customers love most is that it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. While many types of flooring can potentially fade and wear over time, epoxy flooring requires minimal care while maintaining its original shine.


Best of all, if cost is of concern to you, then you will be pleased to know that epoxy flooring is as affordable as it is beautiful. Don’t waste time trying to find a more cost-effective solution that will be able to provide as much value as epoxy flooring. Get started today by contacting the professionals at PPI Flooring!