You want your salon to inspire confidence in your clients, relying on beautiful and comfortable designs to allow people to sit back and relax. In order to create a beautiful floor finish, and keep that beauty safe from harm, many salon owners turn to epoxy floor coatings for the best of both worlds.

PPI Flooring in Orlando specializes in epoxy floor coatings to address a wide range of industries. The same beautiful finish that we achieve in airport hangars can be accomplished in your salon, along with the same level of cleanliness and durability.

Epoxy flooring seems beneficial, but is it worth investing in? Keep reading to learn about a few of the advantages of epoxy floor coatings for salons, then contact us online to see how we can beautify and protect your concrete floors!

Seamless Surfaces

The aesthetic value of a smooth, seamless floor is hard to miss. Our epoxy flooring company can install self-leveling epoxy in your building to generate an ultra-smooth finish. The bonding of our two-part coatings helps to keep moisture out, as well as mold and other contaminants. In a salon setting, the long-term value of the floor will rely heavily on its ability to defend from moisture and stains. Don’t worry, PPI Flooring of Orlando can install anti-slip textures for sure traction in areas with constant water exposure. Your new floor finish can meet industry regulations while providing the safest surface.

The seamless design of your floor system is beneficial in retaining the highest level of cleanliness. Salons rely on a number of chemicals and other agents to get the job done, often leaving concrete floors exposed to a swath of damages. Protective coatings can help to protect from these reactive agents, reducing the need for long-term repairs.

Flawless Finishes

Every business can benefit from a smooth, seamless floor, but what about one that looks great? Our epoxy floor coatings are ideal for salons in need of a beautiful facelift, providing a steadfast finish and a personalized look. You can choose from a variety of floor finishes to find the perfect fit, whether you want to add depth with quartz, metallic pigments, or a luxurious finish with satin. No matter your design demands, PPI Flooring can help to create a flawless finish!

Want to maximize the natural light in your salon? A high-gloss epoxy finish may be the perfect answer!

Dedicated Defenses

Heavy foot traffic can take its toll on your concrete floor over the years, as well as a variety of other damages. The right epoxy floor coating can provide complete peace of mind if you drop your thinning shears, or when a display accidentally gets bumped into and crashes to the floor. If your location experiences a lot of customer use, this combination of synthetic materials and thermosetting polymers can deliver the right protection regardless of the type of use.

Long-Lasting Luster

The goal of any investment is to yield the highest return. Epoxy coatings from PPI Flooring are designed to protect your concrete floors from damage while creating the highest level of quality and beauty. In the end, your floors will remain in much better condition, reducing the necessity of repair or replacement costs. Years of quality use will result in a beautiful floor finish, which can be re-coated as needed for a perfect finish. 

Ideal Installation

You want to schedule commercial flooring services to beautify and protect your hair or beauty salon, but do not want to close your doors for days throughout the installation process. PPI Flooring has the expertise to create very timely results for a number of industries, and can install epoxy floor coatings with minimal downtime. Our flooring specialists in Orlando offer epoxy solutions tailored to meet your needs, and in many cases can get the job done in one working day. Epoxy coatings feature a fast cure time, allowing light traffic within 12 hours of installation. 

Minimal Maintenance

It’s a full-time job keeping your salon clean, with ongoing sweeping, mopping, and sanitization of equipment becoming more and more of your daily routine. Epoxy coatings are ideal in these situations, as their seamless surface helps to reduce drag and space for dirt and grime to hide. The result is a quicker cleaning process and a floor that is sure to shine. Over time, many customers discover that the savings in maintenance costs alone make their epoxy flooring worth the investment!

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Aesthetics and functionality are essential for salon owners, creating the best balance between personalized beauty and industrial protection. Epoxy flooring from our floor coating specialists can help to generate the best surface for your salon, reinforcing the quality and professionalism behind your work. Ready to learn more? Contact us online to get started, and be sure to request your free project estimate!