In today’s modern environment, businesses are planning on returning to business with clean, hygienic, and welcoming interior designs. Whether your project consists of an addition, remodel, or new construction, it can prove ideal to invest in the right floor finish to generate lasting beauty and value. PPI Flooring is here to help your establishment stand out from the competition, installing epoxy flooring in cost-effective and long-lasting ways.

We offer a variety of finishes to complement any design, and will be happy to assist you in creating an ideal fit for your current and future business needs. One way to add depth and luxury to your building is to add metallic epoxy coatings over your existing concrete floors. 

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High-Quality Results

Making a statement with your flooring can help to impress your customers and leave a lasting impression. Based on the skills of your epoxy flooring contractor, you can generate amazingly unique finishes that sparkle and shine. PPI Flooring has the experience to create lasting beauty for your business, deploying our skills and training to create nearly any style of appearance. Metallic pigments can be used to create waves, clouds, and other pleasing shapes. Regardless of your color choice or design, you can be sure that customers will love the quality and uniqueness of your floor system.

Not sure of what color or pattern to best match your business design? PPI Flooring of Orlando offers complete preparation and support services to enhance your epoxy flooring. We can offer the right solutions at an ideal price to meet your budget and design demands.

Epoxy Flooring’s Benefits

In addition to customized appearances, you can expect a number of other advantages associated with epoxy flooring solutions. PPI Flooring deploys the best techniques and tools to help maximize the quality of your floor system and will work with you every step of the way to provide the best benefits, including:

  • Resistance to chemicals and staining — While it’s not recommended to leave caustic agents to sit on your epoxy flooring, you can achieve peace of mind in knowing that your floor system will not easily stain or sustain damage from chemical spills.
  • Seamless results — Hygiene is a top priority for many establishments, especially if human care or food and water are dispensed. Hospitals, schools, restaurants, and other locations can all benefit from extremely hygienic results.
  • Minimal maintenance — The seamless finish of epoxy flooring is ideal for simplifying maintenance measures. PPI Flooring can coat your floors with smooth epoxy, eliminating porous entry points for dirt and moisture. Simply sweep and mop, and your floor should shine for years.
  • Ideal aesthetics — As the theme of this post points out, the beauty of your epoxy flooring can help to create an ideal design element for your business. You can customize your floors with logos, shapes, and other finishes, tailored to build your brand.
  • Textured improvements — Slip- and skid-resistant flooring is important in high-risk areas, and can help to make your business much safer.
  • Impressive protection — Epoxy flooring is strong and flexible, providing ideal protection for salons, manufacturing plants, and more. Epoxy coatings are designed to cover minor issues in the substrate and provide it with lasting protection from impacts and general wear.
  • Long-lasting results — Commercial flooring can prove to be expensive when it comes time for replacement. Epoxy flooring can last for decades if the proper care is taken, maximizing your initial investment.

High-Value ROIs

The profitability of your business depends on the quality of your investments. PPI Flooring works to create the most value with our epoxy flooring services, providing an ideal finish for concrete floors designed for heavy use and lasting quality. After installing more than 10 million square feet of epoxy flooring, our contractors are able to generate a great return on your investment. These mentioned benefits will help to make your establishment more valuable thanks to the flooring’s preservation from damage, overall waterproofing, and ongoing savings in maintenance costs.

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If you are interested in generating lasting beauty and value for your concrete floors, epoxy coatings with metallic pigments may prove to be the missing ingredient in completing your business space. In professional hands, metallic epoxy flooring can deliver lasting results, as well as ongoing value and lasting returns.

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