Our Commercial Flooring Experts Provide Complete Protection

Across many industries, business owners are seeking out the best protection to keep their building’s surfaces safe and clean for long-term use. Concrete flooring is a smart choice for builders, but how you protect your floors will determine how it lasts over the years.

PPI Flooring is here to provide protective floor systems for businesses of all types and sizes. From franchise owners to hospital builders, our team is able to develop turn-key solutions for all of your commercial flooring needs.

Protective Floor Systems

Simply put, this term encompasses our complete approach to your industry’s floor coating needs. From concrete polishing to epoxy flooring, our Orlando contractors can develop a plan that is tailored to provide the most efficient and affordable result for your use. Over the years, the quality of our systems — including lifelong maintenance and repairs — pays big for your initial investment.

Affordable Solutions

Most businesses thrive by maximizing the efficiency of their operations and expenditures, and long-term floor care is no different. You want your building to benefit from the best possible protection, but you don’t want to waste money on services that are not worth the hassle. Many Florida companies benefit from finding a reputable partner for all of their commercial flooring needs. PPI Flooring’s reputation for honest, cost-effective outcomes have helped buildings and businesses of all sizes to grow with the support of a complete flooring system.

Comprehensive Planning

The purpose of developing a protective floor system is to provide attainable and affordable solutions for every demand of your building. Being economical in your approach can help create a stable budget for your maintenance team. Any shortcomings in design can lead to costly repairs later on. Businesses that invest in the wrong floor coating may face a headache when trying to navigate the best solution. It pays to develop a floor system that plans for your company’s growth in addition to your budgetary constraints.

Regardless of your building’s industry-specific demands, PPI Flooring is here to provide seamlessly protective outcomes!

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Minimize Wear and Tear

From the top coat used on your concrete floors to the long-term cleaning system implemented for optimal performance, your floor system should work to provide complete protection from all outside influences. Our floor coating solutions include cleaning and coverage considerations for your building’s system. The nature of some industries results in a lot heavier wear on their floors, requiring more frequent maintenance services to ensure a completely damage-free surface. Failing to maintain your commercial flooring can result in premature damages, including stains, cracks, and more.

Achieve Style Perfection

Floor systems are often designed with the aesthetics being nearly as important as the durability and performance of your slab. Car dealerships, for example, require an epoxy floor coating that is sleek, shiny, and beautiful. Heavy vehicle use in tight confines can place considerable strain on your commercial floors, making it valuable to install a floor coating that resists surface wear and tear. Our epoxy flooring solutions can deliver showroom-quality finishes that reflect the quality of your business.

Safe Results

Some buildings will be held to more stringent health standards. Medical facilities and food processors will require surfaces that are moisture-resistant and anti-microbial. Manufacturing companies will likely deal with dangerous chemicals, making it beneficial to find a flooring system that prevents stains and damages from developing. Your floor system can also be tailored to increase protection from slips and falls, relying on varying textures to meet your industry’s requirements. Our surfaces are compliant with governing regulations, and our protective floor systems will help to also protect your building’s inhabitants.

PPI Flooring is here to serve as your comprehensive source for complete floor system solutions in Florida. Our Orlando team is here to provide floor coating protection and performance to a wide range of industries. Contact us today or fill out the form below to learn more about our floor systems!