With both guests and employees to cater to, you need the right flooring solution on your side to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, foodborne illness, staining from spillage, and so much more. At PPI Flooring of Orlando, Florida, we offer a turnkey solution for professionals in the food and beverage industry.


From oil and fuels to corrosive hydraulic fluid, there are many ways that your hangar’s floor can be damaged during routine aircraft maintenance. With epoxy flooring from PPI Floors, you can be confident that your floor system will hold up against harmful substances while providing the most in light reflectivity.


Commercial manufacturing facilities have to hold up to the daily stresses of heavy machinery, weight-bearing inventory, and a number of potentially harmful substances that can stain and permanently damage your flooring. That’s why we offer a number of extremely resistant epoxy flooring systems that are indicated for nearly every industry imaginable.


It is of utmost importance to properly prepare your facility’s surfaces for a fresh epoxy floor coating. We use the latest techniques that are proven to last for countless years to come, and all of our installations are backed by a comprehensive warranty on both materials and labor.


From elementary and middle schools to high schools and universities, PPI Flooring has completed a number of epoxy floor installations for educational facilities, and we’re ready to help you too. With a number of epoxy finishes to choose from, you can easily find a top-coat that unifies the look and feel of your school.


Just like healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities require the highest degree of cleanliness for their day-to-day operations. With our high-quality epoxy flooring materials, we offer the biotechnology sector antimicrobial flooring options so that your facility can continue its daily operations without worry.


With concrete application and polishing options from PPI Flooring, you can provide your customers with the best experience possible, increasing your bottom line while improving your rate of customer retention. With epoxy flooring options such as flake and quartz, you can give your building that extra touch of class that it’s been missing.


Having completed large-scale epoxy floor installation projects for companies such as Costco, we are confident that we can bring your facility to life with durable, yet aesthetic epoxy flooring that is built to last for a number of years. Whether you need a floor system offering custom sloping, or you are simply wanting to update the look and feel of your store’s interior, get in touch with PPI Flooring today for your no-hassle, no-obligation project quote.