Industrial flooring is tasked with a heavy burden year after after, withstanding considerable wear and tear in addition to impacts, chemical spills, and a variety of other contaminants. Your industry-specific floor plan may require much different characteristics than your neighbor’s, which is why it’s important to find the right finish for your concrete floors. Polished concrete is one eco-friendly and cost-effective option, touted by many business owners as a beautiful way to protect and beautify existing concrete floors. Others opt for epoxy flooring, which is known to deliver lasting protection and a seamless shine. Both can prove to be a major improvement over bare concrete, so which one should you opt for?

PPI Flooring in Orlando offers comprehensive solutions when it comes to commercial floor systems. From new builds to remodels to additions, our epoxy flooring company is here and ready to get to work on your project. We offer a range of epoxy flooring solutions, as well as concrete polishing, to deliver lasting shines for businesses across central Florida. After 30 years in the business, we’re confident that we can generate results you’ll love.

Keep reading to compare the benefits of polished concrete versus an epoxy floor system, and be sure to call our team for your free project quote!

Polished Concrete

Quick, effective, and environmentally friendly, polishing your concrete floors can help to generate a quality shine. Our commercial flooring contractors can grind the existing surface of your concrete surfaces, eliminating small imperfections and creating an opened surface. Then, the surface is polished and treated to create a seamless shine. In situations where fast results are needed and no harsh chemicals are allowed, polished concrete can create the right finish. The process of sealing the concrete helps to prevent dusting, reducing airborne allergens. You’re left with a smooth, seamless result that is twice as reflective as it used to be at a very affordable price.

While polished concrete is designed to provide lasting protection from heavy foot traffic, it’s important to keep in mind that regular care will be needed to maintain your floor system. Facilities that are open 24/7, or those in critical operations, may opt for a different floor finish to avoid having to schedule downtime and detours.

Epoxy Flooring

Beyond the convenience, beauty, and affordability of polished concrete, you may be left in need of additional support to keep your business running and to keep your team safe. In situations requiring more intensive commercial or industrial flooring solutions, an application of epoxy may prove to be the right choice.

In addition to concrete polishing, our team can discuss the advantages of epoxy flooring, including:

  • Increase temperature threshold — From restaurants and hospitals to warehouses, gas stations, and more, concrete floors can be exposed to an extreme range of environments. 
  • Industry-approved results — Our epoxy coating solutions are designed for use across many industries. PPI Flooring can formulate a floor system to meet all local and federal regulations. 
  • Improve weight-bearing capacity — The strong finish of epoxy creates an added layer on top of your concrete, improving its ability to support intense wear and tear from heavy machinery. 
  • Seamless finish — Epoxy floors are self-leveling, curing to a perfectly smooth surface. This seamless bond helps to protect the concrete and strengthen it. The results look great, too!
  • Resist impacts and stains — Concrete with epoxy can better withstand impacts from a variety of sources, helping to deliver lasting protection for the substrate. The seamless finish of epoxy flooring also helps to defend from acids, solvents, and a variety of chemicals. 
  • Lasting protection — The sound protection offered by epoxy coatings can impart years of protection, keeping your concrete safe and free from damage for the long haul. Over time, an epoxy floor coating may be required to restore your floor to its former glory.
  • Cover surface imperfections for an ideal finish — While concrete polishing can buff out minor issues, keep in mind that larger damages may only be rectified with an epoxy coating.
  • Enhance surface reflectivityHigh-gloss coatings can deliver a lot more natural light into your building, brightening your space and reducing your need for indoor lighting. Glossy topcoats can triple the reflectivity of your concrete floors, reducing your energy costs while brightening the building.
  • Numerous design choices — How you want your epoxy floors to look is up to you! PPI Flooring offers concrete floor services backed by the experience needed to personalize the results. Introduce metallic additives to add depth and style to your floors, or opt for a natural look with quartz. No matter your business needs, we can achieve a quality finish to improve the aesthetics of your flooring investment.
  • Anti-static finishes available — In sensitive environments, anti-static epoxy flooring can deliver customized protection. Our anti-static coatings are available for pharmacies, IT companies, biotech facilities, and more.


Both epoxy flooring and concrete polishing are affordable, eco-friendly, and customizable in the hands of professionals. While polished concrete is cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing, it does require ongoing maintenance for the best results. Polishing concrete will also not help to strengthen the weight-bearing capacity, but it will help to generate a strong layer of protection. Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, delivers a broad spectrum of advantages to meet all of your industry-specific needs.

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Are you in favor of the appearance of polished concrete, yet require the resinous strength and performance of epoxy flooring? PPI Flooring can help you achieve a natural look and added texture to perfect the look of your concrete floors.

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