Companies in need of added protection and performance can benefit from urethane concrete, an industrial floor coating that provides quality protection under the heaviest abuse. Cementitious urethane flooring is one solution that delivers rigid defenses for food joints, hospitals, and more.

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Bonding at a Chemical Level

Urethane cement is engineered to be the among the best floor coatings in the industry, creating a powerful bond that is meant to hold up under pressure. Many of the problems associated with finishes for concrete flooring comes from the quality of the connection between two or more surfaces. Urethane works to bond cementitious agents for the closest connection, providing superior protection for your concrete floors.

Extreme adhesion also creates an extreme resistance to chemicals, chemicals, and more. PPI Flooring is here to provide floor coating services such as urethane finishes that meet USDA and EPA requirements.

Thermal Advantages

While the freeze/thaw cycle is one of the least of our concerns with concrete flooring in Orlando, buildings that frequently undergo frequent transitions from hot to cold (or vice versa) face the risk of expansion and cracking. Our floor coating services provide considerable protection against temperature changes. Cementitious urethane flooring provides a bond that delivers material versatility, expanding and contracting with your concrete floors for complete and continual coverage.

Rigid Results

Unlike epoxy flooring, which can be applied in layers between two millimeters and 80 millimeters in thickness, urethane floor coatings are not adjustable. This rigid layer delivers uncompromising protection, standing up to heavy foot traffic, scratches, abrasions, impacts, and more. Businesses that invest in floor coatings can expect a wide range of benefits, including durability. Your floors will better withstand wear and tear from all angles, including harsh cleaning practices. The result is a shine that lasts, reducing your maintenance demands and prolonging future needs for floor installation services.

Seamless Surfaces

In most industries, urethane concrete coatings are ideal because they provide a smooth, seamless surface for the best level of protection. Spills, stains, and other problems can all affect the quality of a business, especially those in the food service and restaurant industry. Medical businesses also rely on sterility and surface protection for healthy patient outcomes. Worried about slips and falls with your concrete flooring? Our urethane concrete team can also work with you to find the perfect product to meet your needs, so call now!

Few floor coatings provide the level of cleanliness and protection required by many Florida businesses. One question we receive at PPI Flooring of Miami concerns whether this material is better than our epoxy flooring options.

Urethane or Epoxy Coatings for Your Orlando Business?

People often ask PPI Flooring which is better for their business — urethane or epoxy floors? In many cases, we say both! Our epoxy coatings can help to build up and level your floor, providing unbeatable results for your business’ daily demands. However, unsealed epoxy can still face damages from chemicals, thermal cycling, and more. Urethane helps to further seal in your concrete floors, delivering protection against discoloring, moisture, stains, chemicals, and more.

PPI Flooring can help you to find the ideal material and style to best match your business. We understand the importance of aesthetics across many industries, and our flooring experts will work hard to provide the highest level of service for your project.

Invest in the best to ensure an optimal outcome for your business. PPI Flooring is proud to be your source for urethane concrete and epoxy flooring in Orlando. Call us today or fill out the form below for your no-hassle, no-obligation quote!