Businesses everywhere demand the safest, smoothest surfaces possible to ensure the best results for both the employees hard at work and the guests or customers that traverse the facility. Whether you’re hoping to install a commercial concrete finish for a hotel, airport hangar, warehouse, or vehicle showroom, it is essential to provide a surface that is smooth, seamless, and resistant to a wide variety of damages.

PPI Flooring is here to serve as your epoxy flooring specialists in Orlando, delivering ideal results across many industries with all of our industrial flooring solutions. We understand the demand for large-scale epoxy flooring applications, and offer our self-leveling services to provide an amazing surface regardless of the surface beneath.  

Smooth, Seamless Outcomes

The biggest advantage of self-leveling epoxy floors is that they are smooth. Industries that rely on smooth floors for safety will often opt for this coating service, as self-smoothing epoxy helps to provide an ideally flat surface across large spans of space. Compared to applying the epoxy with tools (which can leave behind a textured pattern), self-leveling options offer a perfectly flat surface. While great for aesthetics, this also helps to deliver uniform strength and consistency across your entire floor system. You can expect reliable performance from your updated concrete floors when you reach out to the PPI team for assistance!

Bold, Productive Statements

Customers can benefit from knowing that their self-leveling floors are simple and effective. This minimalist approach can provide a dynamic impact on your facility’s style, transforming those plain concrete floors into beautiful, shining surfaces that are sure to impress as well as protect.

Beyond being durable and smooth, self-leveling epoxy can also provide:

  • High-gloss finishes for an amazing shine.
  • Scratch and impact resistance, to reduce regular wear and tear.
  • Minimal maintenance, saving your team time and money.
  • Quality designs, including different colors, finishes, and more.
  • Chemical and heat resistance, for long-term protection.
  • Varying thicknesses to match every application.

PPI Flooring is here to provide the best fit in epoxy floor coatings for every industry. If you’re interested in our self-leveling services, be sure to contact us today!

Possible Limitations

While self-leveling epoxy floor coats are ideal for many businesses across Florida, it’s important to remember that certain limitations do apply. Owners with quality substrates should be able to self-level their epoxy, but those with uneven subsurfaces may find themselves in over their heads. Epoxy floor coatings rely on consistent substrates for the best results. Gaps, holes, and other major issues may leave your epoxy coating open to problems such as discoloration and warping. Unsmooth surfaces can also increase the amount of material needed, increasing your budget.

Professional Results

The final smoothness and quality of your self-leveling epoxy will depend largely on the skills and experience of the team installing your concrete flooring finish. For more than 25 years, our protective floor systems have helped to provide incomparable support and protection.

Our floor coating contractors are bonded, insured, and boast a modification rate of .79, well below the standard. Contact us today to learn about our self-leveling epoxy solutions, and be sure to ask for your project estimate!