What kind of flooring is ideal for your restaurant?

Maybe you have a simple bistro, an elegant nightspot, or a comfortable cafe. Whatever the category is, you know that the flooring performs two functions. First, it works in tandem with the music, the wall art, and the food itself to create an experience for the diner. It’s one aspect of the atmosphere that, if constructed properly, will keep people coming back.

What’s the second function for flooring? Simple, it’s keeping maintenance costs low. Your flooring should be easy to clean on a daily basis, resistant to the regular traffic of food carts and feet, slip-resistant to prevent injuries, and be sanitary in order to pass inspections by the health department. To do all that, your flooring needs to be industrial strength, but without an industrial look.

At PPI Flooring, that’s where we come in. With 28 years spent working in the industry, and over 15 years in business, we’re the clear choice for providing installation, maintenance, and protection of concrete floor surfaces. The fact is, concrete meets every expectation you have for restaurant flooring, from protection for spilled drinks behind the bar to heavy traffic at the entrance. We also offer coating solutions to make your floor slip-resistant and contain chemicals, while still providing an image that’s top-shelf.

We also understand that, when it comes to restaurant flooring, scheduling can be extremely tight. If you’re preparing for a grand opening, the job absolutely must be done on time. If your facility is already open, your business will be crippled if more than one section is closed off. As bonded and insured professionals, our reputation was earned by tackling the most difficult and technically challenging flooring projects and consistently finishing on time and guaranteeing the satisfaction of our clients.

Ultimately, the flooring of your restaurant needs to be installed correctly, quickly, and provide you with years of reliable service. We’ll make that happen. For more information, or to schedule an assessment, contact us today.