Your commercial flooring may be in need of a facelift, and now may be the perfect time to seek out help from a professional floor company. Businesses throughout Florida rely on their concrete flooring to provide rigid results and beautiful finishes. In some industries, the finish may need to be more glossy than others. One simply way to personalize the shine of your floor is to invest in concrete polishing services.

PPI Flooring of Orlando is here to provide ideal solutions for companies across many industries, relying on our epoxy flooring services to create a protective floor system that keeps contaminants and stains out. Polished concrete is one way to create a shining surface that provides the best performance, including the aesthetics.

In order to find the best finish for your commercial floors, it can help to understand how each level of polishing works. We’ll discuss each level of finish, as well as cutting methods used to expose the aggregate for a unique finish. If you’re ready to get started, then be sure to call us today!

Different Floor Finishes for Every Application

Your concrete flooring can take on a very different look based on the level of finish ordered and the level of aggregate exposure. The Concrete Polishing Association of America has created a classification system that provides finishes in four different levels (1-4) and aggregate exposures (A-D). The level of shine you wish to achieve for your floor will depend on the grit of your grinding element and the number of passes over your surface.

PPI Flooring of Orlando is here to deliver the best results for floor systems across Central Florida, and our team is happy to help you find the ideal result for your business needs. We can discuss the aesthetics and benefits of each level of polish:

Level 1 – Flat

As the name implies, the first level consists of a flat appearance with very little reflectivity. Your floor contractors can produce this finish with a low-grit resin bond, often below 100. The floor will be completed after roughly four abrasive passes, and will not register a gloss rating. This matte finish is ideal for facilities that do not require a polished shine.

Level 2 – Satin

Relying on a 400-grit polish, property owners can benefit from a low-sheen finish that does reflect some light, but not with clarity. Level 2 finishes require one more pass than the low-grit outcome, delivering a measurable gloss reading that is sure to enhance the finish of your floor system.

Level 3 – Semi-Polished

At this level, your concrete floors will begin to really shine and reflect overhead lighting fixtures, resulting in a clear sheen that is mostly reflective. Requiring at least six passes, a semi-polished floor will rely on high-grit options ranging between 800 and 1,500. This can be described as a medium level of gloss, becoming very reflective without being too mirroresque.

Level 4 – Highly Polished

Those that require a true shine can invest in a high-gloss floor finish with PPI Flooring. A level 4 polish delivers a quality shine that allows you to see yourself in the surface. Achieving this high-shine finish requires numerous abrasive passes, relying on fine grits ranging from 800 to over 1,500. Your polished concrete floor will provide years of reflective quality that is easy to clean and requires minimal lighting for safe results.

Don’t Forget Aggregate Exposure Levels

Many businesses decide to grind down their concrete floor to expose the in-place aggregate, creating an entirely new surface that delivers pattern and texture over a plain result. The deeper you decide to cut down, the more exposed your floor’s aggregrate will become, providing an in-house method of creating texture and pattern.

PPI Flooring can implement new additives or reveal the beauty of your existing floors. The level of exposure is rated by class:

  • Class A – Barely cutting the surface, this service barely touches the concrete’s surface, leaving a neat, clean finish that is flat and beautiful.
  • Class B – Exposing fine aggregate will provide just enough depth to create a salt-and-pepper finish. This process will expose the fines in your concrete slab.
  • Class C – Qualifying as medium aggregate exposure, our contractors can cut down ⅛ of an inch to highlight the smaller materials.
  • Class D – Taking the top quarter-inch off of your concrete surface can expose large aggregate for a textured look.

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Concrete polishing is one method of creating a uniform surface that defends from scratches and scuffs while keeping moisture out. This method relies mostly on in-house materials, reducing the overall cost. If you’re ready to learn more about the beauty and value of polished concrete floors, or you’re looking for an industrial solution such as epoxy flooring, then our Orlando-based contractors are here and happy to help!

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