For many businesses, their building is more than just a structure for generating results; it is a vehicle that will help drive future success. Many business owners and property managers are left with a bevy of design options to best outfit their facility. If you are in charge of your office, the chances are high that your company relies on concrete flooring for the best results. This construction material has been in use since the Roman Empire and has now become one of the most economical and practical choices for nearly any building application. While concrete is traditional by every sense of the word, it is by no means boring.

Simple Maintenance

Concrete flooring is known as a porous surface, but that doesn’t mean that maintaining it needs to be a hassle! Surface sealing services can help to provide the final layer of protection against a wide range of environmental concerns. What you’re left with is a material that is resistant to stains, damages, and more. An epoxy coating, for example, can provide a complete level of protection that doesn’t allow dirt to penetrate the concrete. This results in simpler cleaning demands, often consisting of sweeping and mopping when needed.


While many people do not look at a concrete truck backing up and think “eco-friendly,” the truth is that this flooring material is adds a minor increase to the total materials required. Consisting of sand, silica, cement, and aggregate, concrete cures to an inert material that is free of the allergens and odors associated with new carpet and wood floors. Over the years, a process known as “off-gassing” may result in multiple volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Long-Lasting Results

If your concrete flooring was installed and cared for correctly, then the chances are high that it will yield decades of quality use. This can prove advantageous for businesses that experience high levels of foot traffic. Regular maintenance and concrete resurfacing can ensure that your floors last a long, long time. While tile, stone, and hardwood flooring are all durable, they rarely hold up as well under heavy commercial use when compared to concrete.

Two workers installing new floors

Affordable Materials

As a building material, concrete is known to be very affordable when compared to other suitable design options. Modern applications normally require the use of a concrete truck, which can typically carry up to 10 cubic yards of material. The pouring, curing, and finishing process of concrete flooring also ensures that your cost for labor and materials are surprisingly lower when compared to hardwood or even carpet.

Temperature Advantages

One aspect of concrete flooring that many people do not consider is the benefit of temperature retention. This material works well as a thermal buffer, keeping surfaces cooler on hot days and warmer on cool days. The internal temperature of your slab can increase or lower, but a lot of effort will be required. As a result, many businesses enjoy the temperature regulation properties, especially in areas that move from shade to direct sunlight. Call us today to learn about the thermal benefits of our concrete flooring services!

Beautiful Design Options

Many businesses do not seek out concrete flooring in Orlando because they imagine a gray, boring outcome. In reality, our textured and stained concrete floors can provide a wide range of results to perfectly enhance your business’ style. PPI Floors is proud to offer versatile styles and designs for projects of all sizes, and our team is ready to help you! We can assist with creating the most beneficial combinations of concrete, wood, and any other material essential for your building design. Our epoxy flooring contractors have worked with multiple industries to find the best results for unique and varying demands, so be sure to reach out to us for your project!

Our concrete flooring services are also convenient because they can pave the way for future style improvements. Upgrades may require more carpeting, hardwood flooring, or other material to fit your establishment. Thanks to our self-leveling concrete and services, you’ll be left with a subfloor that is perfectly ready for future use.

Benefit from Added Protection!

Properly caring for your commercial flooring can result in major advantages both now and in the future. PPI Floors specializes in epoxy flooring services in Orlando and beyond, delivering the highest level of protection in industrial applications. Our floor coating contractors will provide comprehensive quality every step of the way, complete with an industry-leading warranty on parts and labor.

Investing in a flooring material for your Orlando business will determine the long-term quality and safety of your building. PPI Floors is proud to be your trusted partner for all of your concrete flooring needs. From installation to finishing to ongoing maintenance, our commercial floor coating systems ensure that you are satisfied with the results for the long haul. Contact us today to learn more about our services!