Businesses across Florida rely on their concrete flooring to provide a safe, sturdy, and beautiful surface for customers and employees to traverse. Whether you manage a restaurant or maintain your own aircraft hangar, it pays to find the right protective coating for your floor system. One beautifully cost-effective way to protect your concrete flooring is to finish it with polishing services from professionals such as PPI Flooring.

Our epoxy flooring company in Orlando specializes in generating high-quality finishes for businesses planning on remodels, additions, or new structures. Regardless of your industry, our team can provide the right solutions for the job, including concrete polishing.

Keep reading to learn about the beauty of polished concrete for your central Florida business, and be sure to browse our site to learn more about our commercial flooring services!

Proven Durability

Unfinished concrete is known to be durable, yet years of daily use can take their toll and result in the need for costly repairs and upkeep. Polished concrete floors benefit from a smooth, seamless finish and high-quality additives to create an ideal layer of protection from scratches, dents, grooves, scrapes, and more. From offices to retail spaces, barbershops to hotel lobbies, polished concrete can provide long-lasting protection and enhance the longevity of your floors.

Resistant to Staining

From restaurants to vehicle showrooms, businesses of all types can benefit concrete polishing services. The seal of your flooring will help to minimize infiltration of liquids and chemicals, reducing the concern of staining. Nobody wants to deal with unsightly stains in their business, as it can hurt the company’s image and also cost a considerable amount to restore the concrete’s beauty. 

Saves on Maintenance Costs

Polished concrete floor finishes deliver a high level of convenience when it comes to maintenance demands. Compared to the rough surface of unfinished concrete flooring (leading to efflorescence and dusting), polished floor systems require much less time and energy to maintain a sparkling finish. Your cleaning staff can benefit from fast, effective results, delivering numerous advantages over materials such as tile and linoleum. 

Hygienic Improvements

The seamless surface created by concrete polishing measures can help to minimize hygienic concerns. Concrete is naturally porous, allowing moisture and other contaminants to infiltrate and set up shop. Facilities in need of a hygienic floor system can turn to PPI Flooring of Orlando for sanitary protection to keep their restaurant, medical facility, school, or other facility safe. 

Enhanced Reflectivity and Lighting

One way in which a polished concrete floor finish can boost your bottom line is through your energy costs. Our concrete floor coating specialists can generate a glossy shine for your business, increasing the ambient lighting. This result enhances the natural light within your facility while also reducing the need for additional light fixtures. Over time, these energy savings can make concrete polishing well worth the investment!

Improved Safety

Finishing your concrete floors will help to minimize any concerns associated with damage or decay, such as tripping or slipping. Facilities are expected to take every practical step to make their floor systems as safe as possible. Many people reach out to PPI Flooring with the notion that polished concrete floors are quite slippery. A seamless, shiny finish does sound like a safety issue, yet in reality concrete polishing actually provides more fraction than unfinished concrete. PPI Flooring can help you achieve a slip-resistant outcome for your business, exceeding OSHA requirements for flooring friction (including testing standards such as ASTM C1028).

Eco-Friendly Results

Many businesses are focused on eco-friendly building solutions to practice responsible environmental stewardship and satisfy concerns by many earth-conscious clients. Polished concrete relies on existing surfaces, eliminating the need for fresh materials while also minimizing any waste produced throughout the process. Concrete polishing services contain minimal VOCs, making this floor finish an ideal solution for businesses seeking their LEED certification.

Restoration of Older Floors

Commercial flooring undergoes heavy wear and tear, eventually resulting in a surface which is likely nowhere near its original beauty. Damages from impacts, surface stress, delamination, and more issues can create a range of aesthetic issues for your concrete floors, but professional polishing services can create an ideal outcome. Our flooring contractors can grind the top surface of your concrete to eliminate an array of aesthetic issues, polishing and finishing afterward to create a beautiful shine and a stronger defense from future damages.

Beautiful Finishes

Your business relies on quality at all levels to generate confidence in your employees and trust in your customers. One major advantage of polished concrete floors is that they can be customized with a variety of colors and stains. You can opt for a light buffing to create a smooth, glossy finish, or opt for heavier grinding to reveal the character of the aggregate within your concrete floors. PPI Flooring can provide a wide variety of floor finishes to meet your exacting design demands. The result is a polished concrete floor that is tailored to boost the visual quality of your establishment, which people are guaranteed to notice!

Incredible ROI

You’re looking to invest in a floor system that makes the most of every penny. The long-term durability, reflective lighting, and minimal maintenance of polished concrete helps to cut down on your ongoing costs, delivering a sustainable and beautiful result.

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