Your concrete floors have served you well over the years, but recently, you may have noticed a few declines in quality. No other material can provide the same level of strength and durability as concrete, but long-term wear and tear can begin to take their toll. Instead of investing in an entirely new slab, it can prove beneficial to seek out concrete resurfacing services to save time, effort, and money.

PPI Flooring of Orlando specializes in concrete flooring solutions ranging from our polishing finishes to epoxy coatings. We understand how stressful it can be trying to determine the best service for your concrete surfaces moving forward, and our team will be happy to provide the right results at an ideal cost.

Keep reading for a few considerations as to when you should resurface your concrete, and be sure to contact us today for a quote on your project!

Cracks and Chips

Over time, heavy use and seasonal changes can begin to take their toll on your concrete slab’s once-beautiful surface. Florida is not subjected to annual freeze/thaw cycles like many states, yet the sudden intrusion of humidity and moisture can certainly take their toll. Slabs placed upon unstable subgrade materials may also begin to shift, with small movements causing the creation of minor cracks. It’s best to address this problem early on to prevent more aggressive water intrusion in the future!

Concrete floors subjected to heavy machinery and dense crowds may also begin to show wear and tear. Dropped items, extreme weights, and other factors can all take their toll on your concrete’s rigid surface, allowing for gouges and divots to develop. These seemingly minor issues can create a considerable safety concern for individuals and equipment. Concrete resurfacing helps to restore a smooth finish, equalizing any tripping hazards or damages present.

Overall Exposure

Florida can subject concrete to a wide range of conditions, including high humidity, intense storms, frequent flooding, and more. If you have a concrete surface that is exposed to intense temperature changes (i.e. storage freezers), then your floors may require more frequent refinishing or recoating services. Concrete resurfacing is a fast, effective, and affordable solution to this problem, restoring your slab’s beauty while protecting it from future damages.

Concrete Age

One inevitable factor that can create the need for concrete maintenance is the age of your commercial or industrial flooring. Concrete floors that are properly cared for can last for decades, but after 20 years or so, even the best-kept slabs will need to undergo treatment. Concrete resurfacing provides the ideal blend of restoration and convenience, leaving the body of your slab in-place while creating a new finish on top.

Aesthetic Updates

Concrete resurfacing offers considerable benefits when it comes to the aesthetics of your concrete floors. The compound used in this process allows for a variety of design choices, including concrete stains, stamping, overlays, and more. You have worked hard to build up your Orlando business, and now may be the time for your concrete floors to boast of your efforts. PPI Flooring can help to generate a custom result, relying on our decades of experience and top-notch equipment to get the job done right the first time.

Our Concrete Resurfacing Process

Ultimately, the beauty and durability of your concrete surface will depend on the professionalism of your flooring contractor. PPI Flooring of Orlando strives to deliver a premium result for projects of all sizes, relying on our concrete resurfacing process to achieve the highest customer satisfaction:

  • Cleaning and prep — Any contaminants present on your floor can impact the final finish. Our concrete flooring team strives to provide complete cleanup services, deploying power washers and an attention to detail to ensure all grease, oil, grime, and dirt is cleaned away.
  • Repair work — Any cracks found in the concrete will be primed, reinforced, and covered with a durable polymer to create a smooth finish. Epoxy mortar is often used to fill any holes present, reinforcing your slab in addition to beautifying it.
  • Concrete covering — Once everything is ready to go, our concrete flooring pros will deploy priming agents, then move onto the concrete itself.
  • Sealing — Now is the time to introduce decorative styles such as the coloring and texture. Your slab will be sealed, and over the next couple of days, it will fully cure and be ready to impress.

Benefit Further From a Protective Coating

From epoxy metal flooring to quartz, high-gloss finishes, and more, you can further beautify your concrete surface with a long-lasting finish from PPI Flooring. Our team specializes in generating custom results to match each design, and we’ll be happy to discuss the advantages of the finishes we offer.

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If you’re hoping to restore the beauty and integrity of your concrete flooring in Orlando, be sure to turn to the pros at PPI Flooring for complete results. We offer a range of services to benefit every industry, and will be happy to discuss your project needs. Contact us now to get started!