1. Worker in white clothes finishing an epoxy floor

    Why Epoxy Flooring Is Right for Your Warehouse

    As a warehouse owner, your day-to-day activities may involve the lifting and moving of inventory, operating heavy machinery, sending and receiving deliveries, and so much more. Such a diverse business model requires a diverse flooring system that is able to effectively accommodate the varying needs …Read More

  2. Empty Veterinary Clinic with epoxy floors

    Epoxy Flooring and Veterinary Clinics

    If you have ever visited a veterinary clinic, you may have noticed many different varieties of animals during your visit. What you may not have noticed, however, is that a majority of veterinary clinics make use of epoxy flooring due to its countless benefits. In today’s article, we will be discus…Read More

  3. Airplane with exposed turbine in aircraft hangar

    Using Epoxy Flooring For Your Airplane Hangar

    Epoxy has a wide variety of uses throughout many different industries. From restaurants and schools to healthcare and biotechnology facilities, concrete flooring can be found nearly everywhere. In fact, epoxy flooring is often used in highly specialized industries due to its durability and antimicro…Read More

  4. New epoxy flooring in mechanic's garage

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring – Part Two

    From vinyl and tile to stone and slate, the flooring options available to business owners is almost endless. However, each type of flooring material possesses different properties and characteristics, making their uses limited. However, thanks to epoxy flooring, there is now a catch-all solution for…Read More

  5. New epoxy flooring being installed by professional in white clothes

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring – Part One

    If you are a business owner and your floor has lost most of its luster over the course of many years, you may be considering some of the countless flooring options available to you. However, while there are a number of flooring products at your disposal, epoxy flooring offers a number of significant…Read More

  6. Industrial warehouse with metal pipes and stairs

    Why Concrete Flooring Is Right For Your Industry

    If your facility’s flooring has slowly been losing its luster over the years, your business may be due for a new floor system. However, when it comes time to choose which type of flooring is best for your company, there are many factors that make epoxy flooring far superior to alternative floor pr…Read More

  7. Parking garage with polished epoxy floors

    Polished Vs. Unpolished Concrete Flooring

    If your facility is thinking about installing new epoxy flooring, you may not be aware of the many differences between unpolished and polished concrete. There are several reasons why you should consider polished concrete for your next flooring installation, and in today’s article, we will discuss …Read More

  8. Epoxy flooring with metal garage door

    Concrete Flooring Vs. Other Flooring Materials

    When considering renovating your business’s flooring, you may have difficulty deciding which flooring material will serve a functional purpose while providing the highest level of aesthetics for your facility. From tile and stone to wood and vinyl, there are a number of flooring materials that are…Read More

  9. Worker with boots smoothing out new concrete

    Properly Caring for Concrete Floors

    Concrete flooring is durable, moisture-resistant, and offers a variety of designs and colors to choose from. However, when it comes time to clean your concrete flooring, you might have many unanswered questions when considering the best measures to fully protect the integrity of your flooring. Knowi…Read More

  10. Modern home with sleek furniture and epoxy floors

    Using Epoxy Flooring In Homes

    When considering flooring options in new homes, many homeowners will choose wood flooring, tiling, or laminate flooring. While these are all great options for residential flooring, there are many advantages that concrete flooring has when compared to its traditional counterparts. In today’s articl…Read More