Every market, field, and industry relies on vastly different design dynamics to provide the best long-term performance. When it comes to commercial flooring solutions, businesses across Florida have come to rely on PPI Flooring. Our team specializes in complete floor coating solutions, from concrete polishing to epoxy flooring, to deliver personalized outcomes for each client.

Over the past 25 years, our concrete flooring experts have worked to perfect our floor system services. PPI Flooring has the experience, equipment, and training to deliver unbeatable results that match your industry-specific demands. Our infographic highlights a few of the industries that rely on our concrete resurfacing and sealing services. If you’re looking for top-notch flooring installation services, be sure to contact us today for assistance!


Aircraft hangers demand concrete flooring coatings that are durable, smooth, and safe from corrosion. Fuels, oils, and other fluids can all find a home on your hangar’s floors, staining the surface and leaving an uneven, unsightly outcome. Pilots, mechanics, and aviation enthusiasts invest in epoxy flooring because it is smooth, affordable, and durable. Avoid scuff marks, scrapes, damages, and corrosion with an epoxy floor coating that covers your floor in a quality a shine.


Concrete flooring in an educational setting can go through a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. Hundreds — or thousands — of students can go over these surfaces five days a week, creating the need for a flooring finish that is durable enough to resist a wide range of factors.

Epoxy flooring can cover your surfaces with quality, preventing a range of scuff marks, scratches, and impact damages. Epoxy coatings also help to seal all floor surfaces, minimizing the cleaning demands for your cleaning crew. The end result is a surface that shines day-in and day-out for years to come.

Food and Beverage

Cleanliness and safety are the name of the game for those in the food service industry. Food establishments of all types operate at high speeds and under hectic conditions. Your epoxy flooring will help to create a sanitary environment, providing easy cleanup procedures and minimal maintenance to allow for optimal efficiency in other tasks. Slip-resistant surfaces can also be included to minimize falls in the workplace. Make it easy for your business to meet stringent health standards by calling our floor coating company!

PPI Flooring is here to provide quality flooring solutions for processing facilities in addition to restaurants. Surfaces need to be both durable and sanitary, which is where our epoxy floor coating services prove beneficial!

Two workers installing new floors


Clean, sanitary outcomes are necessary in the food industry, but in a healthcare setting, they can prove lifesaving. Medical facilities rely on clean, non-porous surfaces to minimize the chances of grime, mold, and germs to take hold and spread. Hospitals, dental offices, and other facilities can benefit from the daily protection of epoxy flooring solutions. Sanitation is simple, as your sealed surfaces will be easy to clean, resistant to wear from heavy use, protected from chemicals found in healthcare settings, and durable enough to last for years.


Those in the hospitality industry know that providing a full spectrum of quality is essential for the customer experience. Looks can be everything for many businesses, which is where PPI Flooring’s sealing and finishing services can help. Our team can help you achieve the personal and professional look your business needs to provide a robust experience for your guests. Our floor systems are also easy to clean and maintain, making it easy for your team to provide amazing outcomes that are sure to impress.


Extremely heavy loads and structural stresses placed on your manufacturing facility’s floors can lead to premature wear. It is essential for you to invest in a concrete floor that can withstand the heavy weights, but epoxy flooring can help to prevent damages and retain your surface’s quality. Over time, this durable layer will help to minimize your repair and maintenance demands, saving money and reducing any costly downtime. The result of our seamless surfaces also ensures the safest conditions for your workers, reducing the risk of floor-related injuries.

Regardless of your industry demands or business requirements, PPI Flooring is here and happy to help. For more than 25 years, we’ve provided epoxy flooring to Orlando businesses, delivering long-term results and peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more!