Commercial establishments across the globe rely on high-quality floor systems to provide complete peace of mind and long-lasting protection from a wide range of damages on a daily basis. If your concrete flooring is not holding up under the heavy wear and tear, our industrial flooring team may be able to help! PPI Flooring is specializes in installing high-quality epoxy flooring across Orlando and beyond, delivering the best outcomes to meet a variety of industry-specific demands.

We’re proud of the quality and precision offered by our flooring contractors, and we will help you achieve an outcome that matches the design as well as your budget. For years, our team has delivered precise results to new builds and remodels of all shapes and sizes, and we rely on services such as our self-leveling epoxy installation to ensure that you are left with an ideal product.

Today, we’ll discuss a few reasons why self-leveling epoxy has become a top choice for industrial flooring applications nationwide.

Seamless Surfaces, Shiny Appearances

The goal of any commercial flooring project is to end with a surface that is built to impress. Clean, seamless floors are essential for safety in many applications, but the aesthetics of that flooring application are what can truly make a difference for both customers and employees. PPI Flooring can work with you to find the right color and texture to personalize your concrete floors, relying on our proven technique to provide a shine that is sure to impress.

Your beautiful floors come in a high-gloss shine that helps to reflect light and deliver a quality surface to enhance your building’s interior elements. One key advantage to epoxy flooring for concrete surfaces is that the resin will fill any cracks or minor gaps, obscuring the damage to deliver a cohesive appearance.

Complete Protection 24/7

Achieving a favorable return on investment is crucial from a business standpoint, and your industrial floors need to provide a lot of value for the cost. Self-leveling epoxy flooring is ideal for a wide range of businesses that subject their concrete floors to extensive wear and tear. Forklifts, airplanes, and other heavy machines require smooth, durable surfaces to optimize safety, and epoxy flooring is here to prevent chips, cracks, and a variety of other damages.

Epoxy floor coatings can also deliver the best protection against stains and corrosion born from any number of chemicals or cleaning agents. Hair salons, hospitals, and high schools all rely on moisture-proof flooring solutions to achieve sanitation requirements set by local and federal regulations. In nearly any setting, PPI Flooring can deploy self-leveling epoxy services for ideal protection.

Two workers installing new floors

Simple Maintenance Demands

Concrete floors are very porous in nature, but a simple epoxy coating can help to create a seamless surface. Beyond providing considerable durability and aesthetic benefits, self-leveling epoxy can also reduce the time and effort needed to maintain your floor system. By creating a perfectly level surface, our flooring specialists can ensure that your floors require minimal cleaning measures, further enhancing the aesthetics and sanitation of your facility. Over the long term, reduced maintenance demands can also save you a lot of money on professional cleaning services.

Versatile Applications

One key benefit of self-leveling epoxy flooring is that it can be used for a variety of industry-specific applications. Restaurants, airplane hangars, healthcare buildings, schools, pharmaceutical plants, warehouses, and more all require quality protection that is safe, sanitary, and durable enough for long-term use. Beyond this, the specifics for each industry can result in a drastically different product. PPI Flooring has the experience and products needed to match your specific business demands, and will work with you to find the best fit. New floors, restored surfaces, and existing concrete floors can all be updated with durable, versatile epoxy coatings.

One challenge for many businesses is finding a flooring solution that can deliver consistent results across large spans of space. Airport hangars, for example, present a unique challenge for contractors needing to create a uniform surface that conforms to all safety requirements and customer expectations. Self-leveling epoxy can be installed in large volumes in relatively little time, getting you back to work faster with a floor system designed to enhance operations.

Fast, Convenient Outcomes

Self-leveling epoxy floor coatings can deliver a range of advantages over other protective floor systems, but one of the biggest advantages is the minimal downtime. Self-leveling epoxy floor coatings can be applied quickly, and once the resin cures, there are no limitations on use or strong odors to worry about. Old concrete floors in decent condition can receive a long-lasting coat of protection without the need for detailing, saving you time and money up front.

PPI Flooring is here to provide self-leveling epoxy flooring to Orlando businesses and beyond. Our services are scalable to your needs, and our team is ready to get to work. Contact us today to learn more, and to schedule your consultation!