Businesses across Florida rely on beautiful, durable floor finishes to protect their surfaces and deliver years of high-quality protection. Many managers choose to invest in professional epoxy flooring services for a smooth, professional outcome, but may end up with a less-than-ideal result. Small mistakes throughout the installation process can result in big problems, impacting the safety of your floor system and forcing your business to invest in costly repairs.

For years, PPI Flooring has delivered the best outcomes for all of our epoxy flooring clients across Orlando, delivering industry-specific outcomes that are tailored to deliver beautifully durable industrial floors. We know what it takes to protect your concrete flooring for the long haul, and will work with builders, designers, and business owners to deliver the best results.

Our team has perfected our industrial flooring services, and we are confident that you will be happy with the results of our epoxy floor coatings. Today, we’ll discuss the most common problems associated with installing epoxy flooring, as well as the value that our team provides for any project. Be sure to contact us when you are finished reading to learn more about our industrial flooring services!

Peeling Finishes

Installing a floor coating on top of your existing concrete slabs will ideally result in a smooth, perfect finish, free from any gaps, bumps, cracks, or lines. However, some businesses have invested in epoxy flooring services, only to end up with surfaces that are peeling!

If peeling occurs, a number of environmental concerns may be to blame. In some cases, high temperature discrepancies between the epoxy and the surface below can result in subpar finishes, and high levels of humidity can disrupt curing times. Clean subfloors are also needed to ensure the best adherence. Otherwise, you may be left with round holes where the epoxy failed to adhere. PPI Flooring will provide the best floor prep services to ensure that our epoxy coatings are installed correctly on the first try!

Moisture Under the Surface

Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for bonding to your concrete flooring, but this process will only be successful if the underlying substrate is clean and dry. Any moisture (including residue from the prep stage) left on your surface has the potential to become trapped beneath the new floor coating if an improper amount of time is allowed for drying. This mixture of resin and hardener bonds with prepared surfaces, but moisture can repel this adhesion. In many cases, trapped moisture will begin to pull away from the concrete toward the surface, taking small amounts of concrete with it.

Moisture can lead to a number of problems and should be negated at all costs for a seamless result. Otherwise, your industrial flooring system will be at risk of developing unsightly and unsafe air bubbles. Be sure to ask our industrial flooring team about any questions or concerns you have. We can provide the proper measures, including moisture testing, to provide peace of mind.

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Air Bubbles

Concrete flooring that is too porous can also be blamed for bubbling. These pockets of air may be small and subtle, but when compared to the rest of your floor’s shine, it will be easy to spot bubbles of any size. Air bubbles can also result from direct sunlight during installation, temperature fluctuations, improper epoxy mixtures, and more. The first concern with this problem is the aesthetics, as bubbles will quickly run the beauty of your floor’s finish.

Air bubbles may also become a safety concern in situations where safety and support are essential. Trapped pockets of air can reduce the strength of your epoxy flooring, creating an open space that increases the chances of a cave-in. Industrial flooring applications cannot afford these safety concerns, as minor problems can cause big problems. Additionally, the longevity of your flooring system will be compromised.

PPI Flooring is here to deliver complete peace of mind against any shortfalls associated with your epoxy floor coats.

Color Inconsistencies

Even if the surface of your epoxy floor coating is installed properly to eliminate air and moisture concerns, differences in the surface’s color can disrupt any beauty you were hoping to achieve. In some cases, these problems can result from inconsistent mixing measures by your flooring contractors. Other times, improper prep and cleanup can result in certain materials (think oil, grease, etc) interacting with the epoxy, marring the consistency of your hues.

Trust Our Industrial Flooring Team!

PPI Flooring is here to deliver precise outcomes to fit every budget and building design. Whether you’re looking for concrete resurfacing services or a complete install, our team is here and ready to help. We have experience helping customers with epoxy flooring all across Orlando and beyond, providing the best results for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. We have installed over 10 million square feet of epoxy floor coatings, and we are confident that we will be able to deliver a perfect result for your project.

If you’re interested in epoxy floor coating and do not want to deal with any of these costly setbacks, be sure to contact PPI Flooring today for a free project estimate!