When you decide to invest in epoxy floor coatings for your Florida business, you will be tasked with choosing from a wide range of choices. From the commercial flooring company you hire on to the type of floor finish applied, every decision will result in long-term benefits (or consequences), making it essential for builders and owners alike to find the right finish for their needs and their budget. PPI Flooring is here to serve as your trusted team for concrete flooring services of all types, including restoration, leveling, and epoxy flooring. Based in Orlando, our floor coating contractors are here to help Florida businesses find the solutions for all of their industry-specific needs.

One choice that can provide a number of advantages for every business is the style of epoxy floor coating used. While beautiful options such as flaked, textured, and terrazzo epoxy are available to take the beauty of your epoxy flooring to the next level, options such as solid-color epoxy are also available.

Today, we’ll highlight why many homeowners and business managers choose epoxy in solid colors. If you’re looking for the best commercial flooring solutions in the industry, be sure to contact us for assistance today!

Standard Expectations

One sure thing about going with a solid color for your epoxy flooring is that it will meet your exact specifications. This epoxy flooring service is the most commonly requested service, delivering proven performance for a variety of uses under many conditions. From self-storage facilities to freezers in supermarkets, solid-color epoxy floor coatings can deliver the thermal protection to match the rugged look.

No matter what your business demands from your concrete flooring, the PPI Flooring team is here and ready to provide the best results the first time around!

Spartan Results

In many industries, builders are looking for a flat, basic floor coating that works to deliver the best performance without the gloss or shine. Instead of investing in a shiny, spotless floor finish that gives you stress over its flawless appearance, turn instead to this modest style. Solid flooring is better able to resist marring and discoloration, reducing future needs for maintenance and repairs. The basic appearance of your new floor finish may not impress with its flashiness or style, but the rugged quality of this basic application can help to bolster the quality behind your brand.

Two workers installing new floors

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike many floor coating options out there, solid-color finishes rely on almost zero variation in texture or color. The result is a surface that requires minimal maintenance to retain its original beauty. Shops, restaurants, and a variety of other commercial customers can benefit from the time-saving advantages of this flooring applications.

Design Potential

While everything about this epoxy floor coating is meant to be blank and neutral, keep in mind that this lack of impact can allow for plenty of versatility for your company’s everchanging styles. Instead of updating the look of your floors with the newest season’s look, why not find a neutral tone that is sure to accent the beauty of any scheme? Incorporate a calm beige or neutral grey to contrast with the walls while still providing the best protection from anything that hits the floors.

Many clients are happy to learn that there are many colors to choose from with their epoxy floor coatings. From calm greens to vibrant yellows, you can find the right hue to match every design application with PPI Flooring. We also have a wide range of quartz, acrylic, textured chrome finishes to deliver the best match for your business.

Safe, Durable Surfaces

Our epoxy flooring applications – such as this one – come with a light application of flakes for a subtle, safe texture. This minor addition can do much to minimize the risk of trips and falls in your facility. Industrial, medical, and restaurant flooring all rely on safe concrete flooring textures to maximize safety where slips and falls commonly occur.

The uniform nature of this epoxy floor coating results in one benefit that will prove valuable year after year — high strength. Mechanic shops, retail stores, and a variety of other establishments can find value in the protection that this floor coating provides against gouges, scratches, stains, and more. If durability is a top concern for your building in Florida, be sure to contact PPI Flooring for assistance!

Affordable Costs

The minimal amount of labor and materials required for this solid-surface epoxy flooring system results in a lower price tag. Business owners hoping to invest in long-lasting quality for their concrete flooring and other surfaces can benefit from simple services from PPI Flooring. We always keep your budget in mind, and will provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to ensure that every need is met in a reasonable, affordable manner.

Contact us today to learn more about our team, and be sure to ask for your epoxy flooring quote in Orlando today!