Businesses of all types have come to rely on the durability and versatility of their commercial flooring. From hospitals to barber shops, restaurants to warehouses — each industry is unique in its demands and requirements. While it may just be a floor to some people, we see your business’ surfaces as an ideal platform for enhancing your daily operations. PPI Flooring is here to serve our clients with quality, relying on our epoxy flooring services to deliver comprehensive quality that is sure to last!

One choice that may prove challenging for you is which floor finish to invest in. Polished concrete floors are the result of modern technology and can provide you with smooth, seamless finishes that are both beautiful and durable. However, this floor coating service may only benefit floors that are in beautiful condition to begin with. Today, we’ll cover epoxy floor coatings and their advantages.

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Epoxy Flooring

This synthetic flooring material is designed to provide a robust inventory of benefits for a wide range of commercial flooring applications. Modern resin flooring is a long-lasting, adaptable material that acts as a sealant for your floors, delivering long-term resistances to a wide range of dangers. While there are a variety of resins to choose from, including polyurethanes, we’ll focus today’s blog post on epoxy floor coats.


If you are ready to find a flooring solution perfectly tailored to fit your needs, keep in mind that epoxy flooring is:

  • Beautiful – One reason for epoxy flooring’s rise in popularity for recent decades is its design versatility. Buyers can invest in different colors, textures, and coating finishes to provide a truly personalized and beautiful outcome to increase the beauty of their building.
  • Durable – Your concrete floors are made to be tough, but surface damages can begin to quickly erode the slab’s integrity. Epoxy flooring services help to cover your floors and give them a barrier that is both durable and repairable.
  • Minimally maintained – Your facility has enough to worry about without having to dedicate time and resources on floor care. Epoxy flooring helps to make surfaces non-porous, providing a seamless surface that requires minimal effort to maintain a beautiful shine.
  • Rugged – Ideally, your commercial or industrial floors will be able to hold up to heavy wear and tear with minimal efforts needed for repairs. Whereas polished concrete floors are still at risk for chips, cracks, and other damages, your epoxy can provide a rugged surface that helps to absorb impacts. Over time, you’ll be tasked with scheduling fewer repairs.

Two workers installing new floors

  • Resistant – While we are known to mention this frequently, it cannot be overstated how important a coat is when protecting your floors from harmful chemicals. Nearly all industries deal with cleaning agents, harmful materials, and otherwise noxious products, all of which can harm the beauty and integrity of your floors. Businesses that perform heavy-duty operations and companies that rely on aesthetics can both benefit from epoxy’s added defense against chemicals.
  • Smooth – It can be hard to understand the full value of a seamless surface, which is why PPI Flooring is here and happy to show you what a difference a smooth epoxy floor can make. This perfectly flat surface will help to minimize the wear and tear on vehicles, reducing the impact of bumps, cracks, gaps, and other problems associated with commercial concrete.
  • Safe – This smoothness can also translate to safety for your building’s workers and guests. Epoxy floor coats are meant to increase how safe your facility is, coming in options that help to minimize your industry-specific dangers. You can choose to add a texture in slip-prone areas, or buffer your surfaces from extreme temperatures. In either case, our industrial flooring experts can help to enhance your building!
  • Expedient – Our concrete flooring pros excel at providing fast and efficient outcomes, minimizing the your business’ downtime and keeping your operations flowing smoothly. We can work with you to schedule a convenient time to perform our install services, whether you’re updating your surfaces or installing a flooring system for a new structure.

Epoxy floor coatings are designed to provide optimal results across a wide range of applications. PPI Flooring is here to deliver a quality outcome regardless of your project’s scope or budget. By working with our clients every step of the way, we can ensure the best fit for every situation.
There are so many benefits associated with epoxy flooring applications that we will need to conclude our comparison between this material and polished concrete floors with our next blog post. If you’re looking for a protective floor system such as epoxy flooring in Orlando, the PPI Flooring team is here and happy to help. Our experienced contractors have the equipment and training to maximize the benefits of your investment. Contact us today to learn more and to receive your quote!