As a property manager or business owner, you are likely always on the lookout for materials and services that can benefit your operations and increase your bottom line. Components of your property, including surfaces such as your commercial floors, should be considered in detail to achieve the best balance of cost, quality, and longevity for any industry. For more than 254 years, businesses across Florida have turned to PPI Flooring for the best results with concrete floor coatings. Our team delivers the best outcomes through floor finishing, concrete staining, and epoxy floor coatings to Orlando and the surrounding areas, developing personalized plans to match each client’s ever-evolving business needs.

We strive to provide the best outcome across a wide range of industries and applications, and our team is ready to help you balance the pros and cons of any materials used. Today, we’ll compare the value and versatility of epoxy floor coatings against the modern beauty of polished concrete floor applications. If you’re looking for an affordable and long-lasting solution for your business’ commercial flooring demands, be sure to call our team today!

Polished Concrete

This relatively new service is the result of modern technology and grinding techniques paving the way for beautiful surfaces. Businesses can invest in polished concrete floors that are now finer and smoother than ever. Adding a chemical treatment to the grinding process helps to provide a seamless surface that provides a wide range of advantages.

In commercial flooring applications, polished concrete floors can deliver sustainable benefits, including:

  • Seamless results – Finer diamond filaments can now create an amazingly smooth, rugged outcome that eliminates the concern of irregular finishes. Your floors can also be treated for different colors and textures, delivering an ideal result for your needs.
  • Durable finishes – Those that worry about the bond between their concrete floors and a finish coat can rest easy knowing that their existing surface is protected from scratches, chips, fading, and other elements associated with regular wear. A minimal amount of care is all that will be required to provide years of protection.
  • Low maintenance – The long-term advantage of utilizing a professional flooring company is the minimal requirement to maintain a clean, smooth slab. Instead of relying on harsh agents that can eat away at the beauty of your floors, opt for more natural products. Your cleaning crew will be able to save time, labor, and materials, saving you in the long run.
  • Healthful outcomes – Polished floors, by design, can help to reduce the amount of dust, dander, and other buildup along your building’s interior surfaces. When properly cared for, expect hygienic benefits.
  • Economic advantages – Instead of bringing in additional materials to get the job done, owners can instead polish their concrete floors through professionals for a beautifully eco-friendly surface. You may be able to qualify for green tax credits!

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Before you call our concrete resurfacing pros, keep in mind that concrete floor finishes are not one-size-fits-all.

In fact, polished concrete floors offer a diverse range of advantages, but the results will depend on your facility’s surfaces. You can contact our industrial flooring pros for assistance, but remember to be wary of:

  • Existing conditions – Concrete polishing will not be a suitable solution if your floor systems are not in a healthy state to begin with. Our floor-coating contractors are trained to provide a wide range of minor repairs to create a beautiful result, but can only do so much to correct damages and degradation.
  • Surface concerns – If your concrete flooring is in good condition, but the surface has been compromised, additional work may be required. Your flooring contractor should be able to determine if concrete polishing is still a viable option.
  • Temperature changes – Concrete floors that experience rapid temperature changes can expand and contract, which through normal through seasonal changes, can crack or otherwise damage your beautiful slab. Additional materials such as an epoxy floor coating may be required to provide additional support.

The quality of your newly polished concrete floors will largely depend on the skill and equipment of your flooring contractors. In order to achieve the best results for your facility’s unique demands, you will need to reach out to a local team for assistance. Check back next week for our part-two post, which details the pros and cons of epoxy floor coatings.

If you’re looking for epoxy flooring solutions in Orlando, our team is here and happy to help. PPI Flooring is proud to deliver durable, affordable, and beautiful results for our clients across a wide range of industries. Contact us today to learn more and to receive your quote!