Commercial flooring comes in a variety of styles and materials, with each product providing a unique blend of benefits and drawbacks. Epoxy flooring has evolved to become a top choice across numerous industries, including aviation, retail, healthcare, and more. If you are looking for a floor system that can provide complete protection while looking great for the long haul, PPI Flooring of Florida is here and happy to help!

We specialize in epoxy flooring for Orlando businesses, providing a precise result that is as beautiful as it is cost-effective. For more than 25 years, our team has worked to perfect our epoxy installation process, and we’re confident that we can deliver an ideal shine for your business.

While many people understand the value of epoxy flooring, some are not sure what exactly it is. Learn more about epoxy below, and be sure to contact us to receive a free estimate for your project!

Two-Part Installations

This reactive polymer, also known as a polyepoxide, can create an ideal finish when combined with the proper hardener. Modern epoxy floor coatings rely on two main components throughout the installation process to create a hardened, seamless result:

Resins and pigments consist of the core of your floor system, dictating the finish and color. Epoxy floors rely on professional blended resins that, while beautiful and protective, remain in a liquid form.
Hardeners comprise the second aspect of epoxy flooring and set of a chemical reaction, causing the material to cure and harden.

When installed properly, your epoxy flooring will bond to the substrate, delivering ideal protection that is comprehensive and durable. Many epoxy coatings rely on catalytic polymerization, including agents such as acids, alcohol, and other hardeners to cure the liquid resin and leave a result that is perfectly smooth.

Seamless Success

The true advantage of epoxy flooring comes from its structural makeup and curing process. PPI Flooring of Orlando has installed more than 10 million square feet of epoxy floors over the years, and we’re confident in our self-leveling product to deliver an ideal finish void of any holes, gaps, or cracks. Self-leveling epoxy ensures that your floor system is perfectly level and seamless, keeping chemicals and moisture away.

Keep in mind that epoxy floor coatings are different from epoxy floor systems. Any layer of epoxy that is less than two millimeters thick will be considered a coating while anything thicker will be classified as a full floor.

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Don’t Forget the Topcoat!

Epoxy flooring serves as an ideal floor system for a variety of industries, but keep in mind that you will likely need to furnish a topcoat for the best results. Your epoxy floors balance strength and flexibility while the top surface focuses solely on resistance. High-quality urethanes can be utilized to finish the top with a shine that is sure to impress!

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