When it comes to industrial coatings, businesses of all types must depend on a solid, protective floor system to create the best long-term results. Epoxy floor coatings happen to be among the most versatile, affordable, and effective solutions available. In the hands of the right professionals, epoxy can protect your commercial flooring with quality for years to come.

PPI Flooring of Orlando specializes in epoxy flooring solutions, concrete polishing, and other finishes to create the best floor system for each customer we assist. Over the years, we’ve learned that quality depends on process, and we’ve worked to perfect our services. You will likely be told that the final quality of your commercial flooring depends largely on the steps throughout the process. If you can enhance the quality of each aspect of your trade, the results will speak for themselves.

Keep reading to learn about the five essential aspects we focus on when installing epoxy floor coatings, and be sure contact us when you’re ready for an accurate project quote!

1 – Matching the Right Specification

The type of flooring needed by each business will depend largely on the industry that they are in. Beyond this, a range of other determinations will need to be accounted for to ensure a personalized fit that best addresses all of that business’ needs. Epoxy flooring materials are available in a range of finishes and styles to provide a customized result for the customer, which means that finding the right style for your needs will yield a big improvement.

What temperature range will your floor be subjected to? What type of equipment and how heavy of equipment? Will there be any special or caustic materials to protect against? These questions and many more must be answered before beginning work to ensure that your building benefits from the most comprehensive list of benefits.

2 – Relying on the Best Materials

The type of materials you use throughout the project will have a lasting effect on the overall stability and quality of your floor system. It’s essential to rely on products from proven vendors to help generate the best outcome. Cutting corners in the material department can result in a range of unwanted consequences across the job, including bubbling, discoloration, and more. The last thing you want for your business is to suffer the consequences of a poor-quality floor system, which can disrupt the beauty of your commercial space and possibly affect your bottom line.

Our commercial flooring company relies on the best materials from trusted sources. We understand that our name goes on the final product, and we will work hard to ensure your floor system is the best that it can be. Whether you need glycidyl epoxy or non-glycidyl epoxy, solvent- or water-based, we’re confident that we can source the right materials for the job.

3 – Making the Right Preparations

Preparation is crucial in many aspects of construction and remodeling, but when it comes to epoxy flooring, proper prep can spell the difference between a long-lasting protective coating and a short-lived investment that is cracking, spalling, bubbling, or peeling.

PPI Flooring is here to provide the best preparation services in the industry, going to great lengths to ensure that your floor system is optimally prepared for subsequent coatings. Over the years, we’ve learned what to look for on every jobsite, and we will take extra steps to minimize any surprises or setbacks. With an expertly prepared subfloor, you have the best base to build a high-quality floor system.

4 – Benefitting From the Best Training

The quality of your floors will also depend largely on the skills and know-how of your hired team. Investing in the cheapest quote may leave you with a company of inexperienced floor coating contractors, which holds the potential for problems if an unexpected issue pops up. Proper training will help your contractors to create a better outcome in a shorter amount of time, eliminating costly mistakes in the process.

Experience is also beneficial in creating a quality finish. After installing more than 10,000,000 square feet of epoxy flooring, the pros at PPI in Orlando are confident in their ability to get the job done right. If you have any questions, concerns, or insights, our experienced pros are always available for discussion to ensure you have the right finish for your business.

5 – Relying on a Proven Process

Beyond all of the preparation and materials needed to get the job done, you can also benefit from a proven process which serves to create a smooth, seamless, and problem-free result. From calling and ordering the materials needed to scheduling the service, planning for any downtime, and more, it’s important to prepare for each aspect of your process to complete the project. The goal is to minimize any surprises or downtime, which is where all of the previous essentials come in handy.

If you’re looking for a proven process for your epoxy coating needs, PPI Flooring is here and ready to help Florida businesses. Our team specializes in commercial flooring solutions for remodels and new builds, and we’re confident that we can provide a result that will protect your surfaces and shine for years to come.

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