Across our country and beyond, manufacturing facilities everywhere are working at full speed to produce a diverse range of products. What this means for the building’s concrete flooring is a lot of heavy use at any given time. Instead of leaving your commercial floors at the mercy of your machinery, be sure to invest in protective measures such as our epoxy floor coating services. PPI Floors of Orlando is proud to provide comprehensive epoxy flooring that is sure to meet your needs in an affordable manner. We specialize in commercial floor systems and are ready to develop a cost-effective solution for your facility.

Our decades of experience helped to shape our epoxy flooring services. With ample experience in manufacturing facilities, our floor coating contractors are able to deliver a full set of benefits for your building. Learn more about the advantages of our epoxy flooring for manufacturing companies here before calling today!

Epoxy Flooring Enhances Workplace Safety

Safety is always the top priority in any workplace. If you manage a manufacturing plant, safety is even more essential due to the elevated high risks of the job. Many facilities work at an intense pace, relying on numerous parts to get the job done safely and effectively. The result of such complex operations can often be spills, leaks, or other risks that lead to trips and falls. Epoxy flooring works to provide a protective layer that delivers optimal protection for both the concrete and the employees. PPI Floors can deliver epoxy services that protect your commercial floors from spills and stains. By reducing the risk of slip-and-fall injuries, you can reduce the number of potential injuries and insurance claims.

Quality Protection for Heavy-Duty Applications

The process of manufacturing relies on a complex network of machines, tools, and personnel. The result on your commercial flooring is a lot of wear and tear on a near-daily basis. It also means that your floors are tasked with resisting the heavy weights of your operation. Temperature changes, wind loads, and heavy weights can all combine to create cracks, fractures, and other problems along your flooring. The result can hurt the aesthetics of your facility and likely impact safety measures in combination with heavy machinery. Our epoxy floor coating works to create a uniform layer of protecting, resisting heavy amounts of weight.

Daily Resistance to Scratches and Damage

Regular use will result in unavoidable wear and tear. Manufacturing facilities, especially, suffer from a wide range of aesthetic impacts that can add up over time. Instead of continually repairing the minor damages in your facility, install an epoxy floor coating instead. This layer provides exceptional resistance to the scuffs and scratches associated with heavy machine use. Preventing minor damages can help to reduce the possibility of major problems developing later on, impacting your productivity, safety, and maintenance budget. Be sure to speak with a PPI contractor today to learn about the protective benefits of our epoxy coatings!

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Resistance to Harmful Substances

Many industrial manufacturing sites deal with a range of toxic and corrosive substances. Harmful materials can quickly break down the integrity of your concrete flooring. Continual spills, over time, can result in serious damages that can prove to be unsafe and costly to repair. Trouble spots may complicate production, making minor problems a major headache. Your polished concrete floor can do much to resist these stains, but an epoxy coating will do more to prevent damages from developing!

Customized Outcomes

The biggest advantage of working with PPI Floors is our personalized approach to your building’s specific demands. Our epoxy flooring contractors can provide a wide range of finishes to best enhance the safety and stability of your manufacturing facility. Our finishes come in satin, quartz, metallic, flake, high-gloss, and more to meet your industry’s exacting design demands. PPI can also provide non-slip floor coats, concrete polishing, stained concrete services, and more to deliver the best possible fit.

There are numerous epoxy flooring companies in Orlando that claim to provide the best for heavy-duty industrial facilities, yet few deliver like PPI Floors. For decades, our team has worked hard to deliver the best outcomes for projects of all sizes across numerous industries. Contact us to learn more about our floor system services; our quotes are hassle- and obligation-free, so be sure to call today!