Modern restaurants serve as a dynamic location that crafts an experience for the customers. You want every aspect of your establishment to be perfect, as the ambiance and visual quality of your eatery will do much to determine its overall success. A major benefit for any establishment is the installation of a durable and economical flooring system. In most restaurants, concrete flooring provides the perfect surface for main entryways, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and more. In nearly every case, epoxy floor coating can prove to be an affordable and long-lasting solution that performs well under pressure. If you’re managing a restaurant, you know the integral role that your concrete flooring plays in creating the best experience for both guests and employees.

PPI Floors of Orlando is here to deliver the best epoxy flooring services to Florida businesses. Our team of experts have installed new floors in buildings across South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and beyond, with quality outcomes. Our industry experience is key to providing precise solutions for restaurant floors across the country.

Today, we’ll highlight a few reasons why you should consider investing in epoxy flooring services for your Orlando business. Be sure to contact us when you are finished to learn more about our flooring systems and solutions!

Mainstream Maintenance

Restaurant flooring is meant to be as durable and as low-maintenance as possible. One key benefit to epoxy concrete flooring is that cleanup is a breeze. Your coated floors will seal out moisture and grime, preventing mold and discoloration. Easy maintenance is also beneficial due to the daily cleaning demands placed on restaurant flooring. Heavy foot traffic, dropped food, and spilled drinks around the bar can all take their toll on your concrete floors, making it wholly beneficial to consider epoxy coating!

Beautiful Results

As we stated, the aesthetics of your concrete flooring will play a major role in the overall experience of your customers. Epoxy coating doesn’t have to consist of the generic discs you see in many residential garage floors. Instead, our team can work with you to create amazing results through our concrete polishing, concrete staining, and custom epoxy coating services. Don’t believe it? Check out our gallery to see the results of our epoxy coats across multiple industries!

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Expedient Outcomes

We understand that closing down your restaurant for professional epoxy coating services can prove detrimental for your bottom line. Restaurant flooring is demanding in that construction services often necessitate the need for a complete or partial closure. Existing food establishments require floor coating contractors with the tools and expertise needed to provide quality outcomes in shorter times. PPI Floors is here to be your expert source for epoxy flooring in Orlando, Miami, and beyond. We’ll work with you to schedule the best time to install, finish, maintain, or polish your concrete floors.

Long-Lasting Performance

Investing time and money into your restaurant flooring will only be worthwhile if the results are expected to last. Our epoxy coating services ensure that your restaurant will benefit from safe, beautiful floors for years to come. PPI Floors of Orlando is proud to offer unsurpassed coverages and warranties for our customers, ranging as high as 10 years and 100 percent of materials and labor covered, depending on the project. Our floor coating contractors are dedicated to your long-term success, and our results are tailored to last.

Sanitary Expectations

Your restaurant floors need to be able to meet health code standards in order to keep operations moving smoothly. Our floor coating services work to keep spills and stains sealed out, maintaining the highest level of protection. The result is a durable, sanitary surface that is easy to maintain, and able to pass inspections. Our team is here to work with you to create the best outcome, so be sure to call us to get started today!

Safety Improvements

Slips and falls account for a large number of injuries sustained in the foodservice industry. PPI Epoxy Coatings can provide a variety of finishes to best meet your building’s needs, whether it’s minor maintenance to keep surfaces safe or complete concrete floor polishing for a new shine. Whatever your building needs, PPI Flooring of Orlando is here to deliver.

Bonded, Insured Floor Coating Contractors

The last thing you want is for your Orlando epoxy flooring company to depart from the premises and leave you with an unfinished job. PPI is here to deliver comprehensive quality on the first try, regardless of the size or complexity of the job. All of our work is tailored to exceed your expectations while remaining incredibly affordable. PPI’s epoxy floor coating contractors are trained to work as safely as possible, delivering full peace of mind through every step of our floor treatment services.

Finding the right surfaces for your restaurant can prove to be challenging, but PPI Floors is here to help. Our services offer unsurpassed quality and we will ensure that you have a complete product that is ready to provide versatile support for future enterprises. Contact us today to learn more or to receive a quote for your epoxy flooring services!