Now may be the time for you to invest in the high-quality performance expected of epoxy floor systems. Whether it is a new project or a building remodel, many professionals do not realize the key role that proper preparation plays in creating the best results possible. It is important to hire a professional epoxy flooring company, and it is also important to take the proper steps to ensure your concrete subfloor is optimally prepared for a new coating.

Today, we’ll highlight five steps that may help you better comprehend the logistics and benefits involved with epoxy coatings. If you’re looking for professionals to install your epoxy flooring, our contractors are here and ready to help!

PPI Flooring specializes in commercial and industrial flooring solutions, and can finish your concrete floors for a beautiful and durable result. Keep reading about the preparation process below, and be sure to contact us if you’re ready for a project quote!

1 – Make the Call

In order to serve you, our epoxy flooring company in Orlando is available from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. You can reach out to PPI Flooring for a free quote, which is an ideal time to ask questions and learn more about our epoxy coating services. Our team will be happy to walk you through our entire process, identifying your business’ unique needs before we provide an accurate quote for our services.

Once you have signed on with the right epoxy flooring team, it’s time to coordinate a day that works best for your schedules. Most builders will work to minimize their downtime throughout the epoxy installation process, and should discuss any concerns with their leads early on to minimize setbacks.

2 – Prep the Floors

Preparation makes perfect when it comes to your epoxy flooring system. It is important to allot enough time for a comprehensive cleaning of your concrete slab before your flooring specialists arrive. While dust and minor debris aren’t the worst things to leave behind, any grease, oil, chemicals, or other caustic materials left behind can cause problems for the overall quality of your epoxy floors. Any materials such as paint should also be removed to ensure the best fit between your subfloor and epoxy coatings.

Worried about the condition of your floors? Reach out to our experts today for an inspection! We’ll take a look and discuss your best flooring solutions moving forward.

3 – Make Necessary Repairs

Epoxy flooring can help to smooth over minor issues along your slab, but keep in mind that any larger chips or cracks in the concrete should be addressed beforehand. For many builders, this process consists of filling chips or gouges with concrete, or widening and smoothing out cracks to be filled before placing epoxy coatings. Any deficiencies in the substratum will create a weak point in the epoxy coating, increasing the potential for flaking, bubbling, and more.

Taking the time to fill any discrepancies in your concrete flooring will help to deliver a long-lasting epoxy surface that keeps moisture, chemicals, stains, and more away from your surfaces.

4 – Clear the Space

Before our epoxy flooring team arrives at your site, it is recommended to clear out all tools and equipment from the work area. If you planned properly, this process should be minimally demanding, while also avoiding any setbacks for your workers. Once everything has been cleared away, it is time to do a final walkthrough.

PPI Flooring specializes in preparation services before installing our epoxy coatings. Our team has the skills to deliver comprehensive results from start to finish, and can work with you to create an effective plan to minimize your downtime while improving the quality of your floor system.

5 – Stay Involved

While you are free to focus on other endeavors through the installation process, we recommend staying in touch with your epoxy contractors. Every site is unique, which is why our team will take the time to talk with you about any unique challenges or concerns we need to address.

Once everything is done, PPI Flooring will reach out to you to ensure your floor system is performing correctly. Any repairs or maintenance concerns will be addressed ASAP to ensure your satisfaction with our services. We’ll offer complete instructions for how to best care for your epoxy floors, and can schedule ongoing inspections for the best results.

Ready to Get Started?

If now is the time to install protective epoxy coatings on your new or existing concrete floors, then the team at PPI Flooring is here to help. Since 1997, our specialists have perfected our process to ensure your project is outfitted with the best possible floor system. We are PICS-approved and have an experience modification of .79, which helps to lower the costs of our affordable epoxy flooring services.

Are you ready to learn more? Contact us online to inquire about our services, and be sure to request your no-obligation project quote!