Empty Veterinary Clinic with epoxy floors

If you have ever visited a veterinary clinic, you may have noticed many different varieties of animals during your visit. What you may not have noticed, however, is that a majority of veterinary clinics make use of epoxy flooring due to its countless benefits. In today’s article, we will be discussing a few of the characteristics that makes epoxy flooring suitable for all veterinary clinics.

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Slip Resistant

When walking on polished surfaces, many animals such as dogs and cats may find it difficult to walk without losing their footing. Not to mention, for the sake of your employees’ benefit, you need a flooring product that won’t let you down due to slippery surfaces. Countless employers lose time and money each year due to workers’ compensation claims from slip-and-falls. That’s why a number of veterinary clinics place their trust in epoxy flooring. With greater anti-slip properties when compared to other flooring materials, epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for your facility’s needs.


One of the most important reasons that veterinary clinics around the country use epoxy flooring is because it possesses significant antimicrobial properties. This is incredibly important in environments where sterility is a must. Whether your veterinary clinic is operating on someone’s pet, or if you are looking for the cleanest flooring solution for housing dogs and cats for an extended period of time, epoxy flooring will be able to handle any job with ease. For this reason, polished concrete flooring is equally as popular in places like hospitals and biotechnology facilities.


Many flooring products require constant care and maintenance to ensure that they maintain their new condition. However, concrete flooring often requires little to no upkeep and is built to last a lifetime. Not only is concrete flooring resistant to a number of corrosive liquids, it is also scratch resistant, ensuring that animals can walk freely on your floors without causing permanent damage. At PPI Floors, we know that you are wanting the most in value and longevity when it comes time to resurface your facility’s flooring. That’s why all of our complete concrete flooring installations are backed by a 10-year, all-inclusive warranty to provide you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

Odor Resistant

If your veterinary clinic is like any other vet office, different animals tend to bring different smells with them from the outside world. Over a number of years, pet odors can absorb into fabric, furniture, and even flooring in some instances. However, by using epoxy flooring in your veterinary clinic, you can fight off pet odor with ease. While concrete tends to be porous in nature, it is often finished with a high-quality surface seal. This allows epoxy floors to resist pet odor much more efficiently than other flooring products.


When many people think of concrete flooring, they typically don’t think about the countless colors and materials that they can use to make a highly aesthetic floor system. From quartz and flake to lustrous metallic, epoxy flooring is truly one of the most versatile flooring products currently available. This is why PPI Floors works directly with our customers to help them find a flooring solution that aligns with the look and feel of their facility.

If you are considering renovating your facility’s flooring, or would like more information about any of our flooring products, get in touch with our friendly staff at PPI Floors today! We offer all customers no-hassle, no-obligation quotes, and work hard to keep all of our clients involved and informed during every step of the flooring installation process. Contact us now to learn how our concrete flooring services can help your business grow!