Businesses across Florida require dynamic floor systems to address all of their industry-specific needs. No matter your profession, it pays to work atop concrete flooring with an added layer of protection. When it comes to epoxy floor coatings, more and more home and business owners are realizing the value of investing in a seamless solution that keeps stains and scratches away. With this popularity comes a lot of misinformation, which is what today’s blog post will focus on.

PPI Flooring of Orlando specializes in epoxy flooring for businesses across Central Florida and beyond. After more than 20 years, our commercial and industrial flooring specialists are confident that we can install a floor system that enhances your bottom line and supports years of growth.

Keep reading to dispel a few of the top myths surrounding epoxy flooring, and be sure to contact us for more information!

Floor Paints Provide the Same Protection as Epoxy Coatings

False! Concrete paint does create a new level of protection to keep your bare cement covered and beautiful, but this coating fails to deliver the durability and rigidity of epoxy flooring. For one, our product is comprised of resins and hardeners to create a solid line of defense, resisting impacts, scratches, gouges, stains, UV rays, and more. Epoxy is also designed to better bond with the substrate, further increasing the protection for years to come. Paint is a cost-effective choice for light residential applications, but for entrepreneurs in need of a floor system that is tough, epoxy is the only way to go!

Epoxy Coatings Require Frequent Replacement

In truth, epoxy flooring is designed to be replaced when needed. However, the common misconception is that your new floor system will need to be repaired or replaced every couple of years. In reality, a professional epoxy floor coat can provide ideal protection for up to a decade, delivering years of top-notch protection without the need for replacement. Proper care can help to maintain a beautiful shine that minimizes your need for professional cleanings or touch-ups.

PPI Flooring of Orlando can help you achieve the right fit for your business-specific needs, including epoxy for concrete floors. Our team will discuss factors that may impact the longevity of your floor system, including foot and heavy vehicle traffic, ambient conditions, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

DIY Epoxy Flooring is Easy

While the science behind epoxy floor coatings is fairly simple, the installation process can prove to be a much different story. We all take enjoyment in rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done, as DIY projects often come with a medley of benefits. However, the expertise and precision required for professional-grade floors makes it very beneficial to reach out to an expert for assistance.

If the proper materials and techniques are not deployed, your epoxy flooring will suffer. Many DIYers rely on low-quality materials while others invest minimal time and energy into preparing the subfloor. As a result, the new floor system will only last two or three years (feeding the previous myth!). PPI Flooring can install your epoxy coatings with precision, creating a perfect bond with the concrete below for a smooth, seamless finish that keeps scratches and stains away.

Epoxy Coatings Come in Limited Options

While old-school concrete epoxy was limited in its design, modern epoxy flooring solutions provide an unsurpassed level of quality and customization. You can stain your concrete and top it with a clear epoxy coat, or insert flakes or metallic pigments to enhance the look of your finish. From shopping malls and airport hangars to automotive shops and showroom floors, PPI Flooring can help you achieve an ideal outcome!

Epoxy Flooring is Expensive

Compared to other concrete flooring solutions, epoxy does tend to cost more up front. However, the total level of protection and aesthetic beauty offered by this floor system makes it much more cost-effective than any other solutions available. The minimal maintenance and unmatched longevity expected from professional epoxy coatings can help to offset the initial price, reducing maintenance and the need for future replacements.

The return on your epoxy flooring will depend largely on the quality of materials and the skill of your flooring company. PPI Flooring is here to deliver top-quality results that are as effective as they are affordable. We can tailor our epoxy flooring services to best meet your industry-specific needs!

Ready to Get Started?

When installed by professionals, epoxy flooring can provide a wide range of benefits to address all of your business needs. PPI Flooring specializes in epoxy flooring in Orlando, and after 20 years and more than 10,000,000 square feet of epoxy coatings installed, we’re confident that we can install an ideal floor system for your project. Contact us today to learn more, and be sure to request your no-obligation quote to get started!