Flooring Can Become So Much More

As a homeowner, it can be frustrating to try and achieve what you want for your interior decor while fighting your own price range. How many of us would rather have a stunning mosaic in our entryway, rather than a rug? With epoxy, that beautiful mosaic, or flooring with more visual interest than a simple natural material can provide isn’t hard to produce at a much friendlier price point than a real mosaic, full of hand-laid tiles, could be. While epoxy is capable of being understated and simplistic, it can also be exceptionally visually interesting. You can incorporate geometric shapes, create the look of a mosaic depicting some image, you can even preserve organic material within epoxy. The famous river tables that are popping up on social media everywhere are the product of an epoxy creation and could be rendered in a flooring design as well. Those aren’t even the limits, though.

Beyond the average depiction of those other examples, you can also start making things really interesting with 3D effects in your epoxy. And we’re not talking about the ultimately cheesy 3D effects you might see in the theatre. In epoxy, you can create 3D effects via layering the epoxy coatings and making images that resemble the depth of marble’s veins, the grain in wood, the look of flowing lava and so much more depending on your aesthetic. One of the more popular options at the moment is the metallic epoxy flooring option, which is a type of 3D epoxy floor coating effect that creates the stunning glimmer of an all-metal floor that won’t clang with every step. All of these options can be applied in any room of the house and the sky’s the limit on what you want to put in your flooring. This is why it makes it so easy to customize your home in a way that could never be done before, as the possibilities are nearly endless. 

Notable Epoxy Flooring Looks

Trends these days are always changing, but there are a few truly exciting epoxy flooring trends that stand out as some of the most versatile options in our minds. For example, the river’s edge trend. The river’s edge isn’t just a truly unique look, it’s also the most easy to incorporate with your decor. As it’s easiest to pair things attractively with natural elements, the look created by the river’s edge is undeniable easy to mix and match. It also adds a look of serenity and can have the effect of making you feel like you’re outside, even when it’s less than favorable weather outdoors. This makes it one of the more popular and rising trends in the epoxy flooring business. 

In that same natural vein, imitation stone and wood are also becoming very popular in epoxy styling options this year. Rather than have differently grained and knotted wood planks making up the interior of your home’s floor, why not have a single piece that winds through the entire room with delicate and natural finesse. You can imitate what it would look like if you could turn a giant redwood into hardwood flooring by creating huge surfaces of wood with similar grains and color variations with ease. This beautiful natural look can be imitated in other ways too with the look of a single slab of marble or granite covering your entire floor, rather than individual tiles. You can choose the stone, even present examples of the type of mineral grain you’re looking for and we can help you create the look of a giant slab of marble, travertine or other stones covering your floor in a uniformed and natural look. 

Obviously, the best perk associated with those options is that you can achieve the look of natural wood or stone without investing in the actual materials. Indeed, you can more easily customize the look of these flooring options more personally than you can be selecting a color or type of wood or stone that best suits your needs, rather than customizing something to totally meet your needs. These trends are best used for living rooms, entertainment rooms and bathrooms as the natural look can create a definitive sense of calm that you and your future guests will surely appreciate. 

More modern looks can be achieved with intense swirling effects paired with 3D epoxy coatings. You can create the look of constellations, waves of multi-colored dust and so much more to complement a more modern and chic aesthetic. You can even introduce specks of color or great swirls of a unique color that can bring a sense of unity to the entire flooring coating without seeming heavy-handed. 

The Sky Is The Limit

As epoxy develops and expands, it’s becoming a more sought-after flooring type. There’s no reason to deny yourself exactly what you want for the sake of your budget, as the same effects can be created with epoxy. Or, if you’re looking to be a trendsetter yourself, you could start looking for something entirely different depending on your needs. This is a brand new art medium if nothing else, there’s no reason not to experiment. Reach out to PPI Epoxy Coatings when you’re ready to reinvent your interior spaces. We specialize in both residential and commercial applications. Our on-staff designers are happy to help you craft and realize your vision for your epoxy flooring coating.  

Have questions about what can be done with epoxy? Feel free to reach out to us directly or explore some of our resources and galleries to start brainstorming some ideas for what your space needs.