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Your business’s flooring plays a large role in your facility’s aesthetics, the safety of your customers, and the efficiency of your employees. Poorly maintained floors are a major cause for concern, and can significantly impact your company’s bottom line. Fortunately, the professionals at PPI Flooring are here to help. Competing concrete flooring companies utilize lackluster flooring products, provide inaccurate project price quotes, and often take longer to complete your company’s flooring installation than originally quoted. At PPI Floors, our longstanding success in the industry has allowed us to offer the highest quality products at a price that our customers love.

We know that choosing a concrete flooring contractor is no simple matter, as such, a monumental project requires the highest attention to detail during every step of the process. Failing to do so can result in a less than ideal finished product that leaves much to be desired. That’s why our team of epoxy flooring professionals maintain an open line of communication with each of our customers by providing continuous project updates while installing the finest concrete flooring materials in our effort to exceed the expectations of our clients. We know that our team at PPI Floors has the industry knowledge and experience to transform your facility’s flooring, and we want you to know, too.

Veterans In the Concrete Flooring Business

Newcomers to the concrete flooring industry lack the experience and knowledge that is necessary to ensure that your next epoxy flooring installation is completed without any major errors or setbacks. While some concrete flooring companies try to substitute their lack of experience by offering lower prices, you should never sacrifice quality to save a few dollars, especially where epoxy flooring is concerned. If you are looking for the top concrete flooring company that can guarantee a swift turnaround time and the most in customer satisfaction, PPI Floors stands alone in an industry filled with competitors.

With more than 25 years as the leading provider of epoxy flooring services, PPI Floors has completed countless concrete installation projects that continue to function flawlessly to this day. A dedicated team of professionals is a true indication of a company’s commitment to the businesses it serves, which is why we are staffed by a team of flooring experts who have devoted their lives to becoming masters of their trade. In fact, many of our team at PPI Floors have spent more than 30 years perfecting the techniques and skills needed to see a project through to its completion. By pairing top-tier management with a team of experts committed to exceeding the needs of our customers, PPI Floors has remained as the first choice for those seeking the highest quality epoxy flooring services available.

The Leading Floor Installation Products

Our team at PPI Floors understands that no two facilities are alike. There are many different factors that can determine whether your flooring requires unique sloping, specialized surfaces, or a custom concrete finish for the convenience of your customers. We know which floor systems work best for each industry that we serve, and we work alongside our clients to identify their epoxy flooring needs so that we can craft a completely facility-specific flooring installation plan. Our undying commitment to each of our customers is what sets PPI Floors apart from our competitors, making us the top choice for your concrete flooring installation needs.

How Do Custom Floor Systems Add Value To Your Business?

Improving Professionalism. A poorly planned floor system can lack the various necessities that your business needs to operate smoothly and efficiently. This can result in a less than ideal floor system that doesn’t fully address the needs of your customers and employees.

Reducing Liabilities. Facilities that are prone to accumulating moisture on their floors greatly increase the possibility of employees suffering from slip-and-fall accidents. In fact, according to, “Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets,” nearly 85 percent of all worker’s compensation claims are directly caused by slip-and-fall-accidents.

Optimizing Lighting. If your facility receives an ample amount of natural light, you need the right floor systems to harness said light to your advantage. Failing to do so could cause individuals to experience bright glares from your floor’s reflection, creating a less than desirable environment for both customers and employees.

Reducing Maintenance. Epoxy flooring is designed to tolerate decades of continuous use, while developing little to no wear. While concrete flooring does require a small amount of maintenance and upkeep, other floor products can cost a significant amount of money to maintain.

Enhancing Antimicrobial Properties. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are prone to germs, sickness, and the spreading of bacteria. For this reason, it is important to create a sterile environment for the safety of you and your patients. Luckily, our floor systems can offer antimicrobial properties if required, to provide your patients and staff the peace of mind that they deserve.

A Wide Range of Epoxy Flooring Finishes

Whether you are in need of a minor epoxy flooring repair, or are simply wanting to install a completely new concrete flooring system, your new flooring will need to have a high-quality finish applied to it to protect it from damage. Not only do concrete finishes offer protection to the underlying epoxy, they also serve a functional purpose. For example, if your facility receives minimal natural light, you will want an epoxy finish that offers high light reflectivity to better illuminate your facility’s interior. As you can see, a great deal of thought must go into carefully choosing your finish, which is why our team of flooring experts are here to help you. With the widest selection of concrete finishes available, PPI Floors makes it easy for our clients to find the perfect finish to exceed their industry needs.

Our High-Quality Epoxy Finishes Include:

  • Metallic
  • High Gloss
  • Quartz
  • Flake
  • Satin
  • Concrete Staining
  • Concrete Polishing

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Flooring Products Specific to Your Needs

Having served such a diverse selection of industries across the globe, we have expanded our selection of epoxy flooring products to meet the needs of every client. Floor installations are never a one-size-fits-all procedure, and at PPI Floors, we understand that your business will require specific floor products that are unique to the industry you serve. This is one of the many reasons why we provide our customers with the widest selection of floor products so that they may easily find the systems they need to boost their workplace efficiencies, increase their bottom line, gain the confidence of both employees and customers, and so much more.

A Glimpse of Our Concrete Flooring Products

Cementitious urethane. This type of epoxy coating is one of the leading flooring products found in the epoxy flooring industry today. Composed from Portland cement, aggregate, water, and a number of other materials, cementitious urethane makes for an impressive top coat, as it is generally spread thin, yet possesses impressive moisture and heat-resistant properties.

Terrazzo. One of the older flooring products found in the industry today, Terrazzo is as versatile as it is aesthetic. Terrazzo is a unique blend of marble and aggregates that offers an exceptional level of aesthetics fit for any industry.

Broadcast Decorative Quartz. Broadcasting is a unique way to give non-slip properties to epoxy flooring by mixing an aggregate into a resinous material. This creates a texture similar to sandpaper, and is great for those who are looking for a little extra traction.

Broadcast Decorative Vinyl Flake. Similar to broadcast decorative quartz, our decorative vinyl flake possesses the same speckled pattern that so many of our clients love. Broadcasting is an exceptional method of installing concrete flooring for places like schools and hospitals where safety is a top concern.

Epoxy Flooring for Every Industry

With every business comes specific needs that must be met in order for your company to experience continuous success. We know that there are many variables that can determine which type of floor system will blend seamlessly into your company, which is why we provide floor installation advice backed by years of experience during every step of the installation process. Having worked in almost every field imaginable, PPI Floors is able to provide you with an in-depth understanding of your industry that our competitors simply cannot match.

Before we begin our installation, we will start by talking with you to identify your wants and needs from a new epoxy flooring. We do this to ensure that your installation is completed in an accurate and timely manner so that your concrete flooring maintains its integrity for decades to come.

Some of the Many Industries We Have Worked In:

  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology
  • Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Food Service

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A Turnkey Solution for Your Epoxy Floor Coating Needs

One of the biggest factors that sets PPI Floors apart from the competition is our all-in-one concrete flooring installation service. Many concrete flooring companies will take advantage of subcontracting to make up for the tooling or experience that they lack. This can pose a number of problems for many different reasons. When hiring a subcontractor, there is an increased risk of error, as your concrete flooring company may not be familiar with the quality of work that the subcontractor provides. That’s why PPI Floors offers a turnkey solution for our customers, meaning that we are fully equipped to handle any epoxy flooring project, from start to finish, completely on our own. By keeping every aspect of the flooring installation process in house, we can guarantee that you are receiving a finished product that offers the most in quality.

PPI Floors’ Turnkey Solution Offers:

  • Peace of mind
  • A higher degree of accuracy
  • Collective knowledge from a team of experts
  • Quality control
  • An open line of communication

Concrete Flooring Trusted By America’s Biggest Brands

Having remained as the leading epoxy flooring company for a number of years, PPI Floors has completed projects both small and large with ease. In fact, so many companies around the world have placed their trust in PPI Floors that we have been able to install more than 10,000,000 square feet of epoxy flooring since our inception. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, there is no project too daunting for PPI Floors to take on with full force. Having served businesses located in North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean, we have the tools in place to allow us to work with companies located throughout the world.

Some of Our Past Clients Include:

  • Disney™
  • Coca-Cola™
  • Pepsi™
  • Ford™
  • Costco™
  • Bacardi™
  • Johnson & Johnson™
  • Heinz™
  • U-Haul™
  • UPS™

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No-Risk Floor Installation Quotes

At PPI Floors, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We know that you may have some additional questions or concerns which is why our team of epoxy flooring experts are always on standby to answer any questions that you may have. Not only is our level of customer service second to none, we even provide all prospective customers a no-risk, no-obligation quote!

To begin the flooring installation process, one of our qualified inspectors will visit your facility to assess the current condition of your flooring. This is an essential part of the quote request process, as it will give our team a better understanding of how much work needs to be done, as well as making installation recommendations based on your current floor systems. We will then provide you with a list of epoxy and concrete flooring materials, while advising you on which materials will be best suited for your industry needs. After preparing and installing your flooring, we will then visit your facility for a follow-up inspection where we will be able to determine if there are any major concerns that need addressing.

Request Your Concrete Flooring Installation Quote Today

If you are ready to take the next step in transforming your current flooring into something truly extraordinary, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of concrete flooring professionals today. We are committed providing you with the epoxy flooring of your dreams, and that starts by reaching out to Orlando’s top concrete flooring company. At PPI Floors, our services are backed by a comprehensive 10-year warranty, ensuring that you receive the peace of mind you deserve.

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