Modern veterinary facilities rely on floor systems that deliver daily protection and convenience, minimizing trip hazards while providing a solid surface against stains, scratches, and more. Vet clinics face the same challenges as hospitals in proper design, working diligently to maximize sterility and facility hygiene. If you are in need of a solution for your facility, PPI Flooring of Orlando is here and happy to help!

Our floor coating contractors specialize in epoxy flooring applications across numerous industries, including healthcare and laboratory settings.

Ideal Abrasion Resistance

Your clinic may see a lot of traffic throughout the course of a year, and this wear and tear can take its toll on your floor system. A variety of paws and claws can mar the surface of you floors, leaving small opportunities for moisture, stains, and dirt to hide. Epoxy flooring can provide ideal resistance against damages from animal scuffs, human usage, and more.

Your surfaces also demand ideal impact resistance from incidents such as dropped equipment. PPI Flooring can help you to find the right level of protection for your veterinary needs. Be sure to contact us and ask about the versatility of our epoxy flooring services!

Comprehensive Stain Protection

From the waiting room to the examination area, your clinic is likely subjected to a variety of chemicals and hazards. Housing a variety animals will also subject your building to concerns such as urine, waste, and the long-term effects of cleaning agents. Epoxy floor coatings serve to keep these stains away, delivering an ideal level of protection that can shine with quality after minimal maintenance procedures.

Hygienic Outcomes

Epoxy flooring provides a smooth surface, minimizing the space for microbes to grow and flourish. If you are looking for extra protection, PPI Flooring of Orlando can help by providing specialty products that help to sanitize surfaces. We can tailor our system to match your facility’s unique floor plan, as well as any local regulations.

Watertight Peace of Mind

Vet clinics rely on ideal floor coatings to provide complete protection from moisture complications. Many facilities rely on bath bays for animals, as well as other areas that can bring an influx of moisture into your building. Epoxy flooring’s seamless finish helps to control H2O, keeping water in the correct areas while avoiding problems associated with saturation and flooding.
Complete Product Control
Looking for low-VOC flooring solutions for your veterinary facility? Epoxy flooring can be customized to deliver the right result for your unique needs, including slip resistant, specialty areas, colorful finishes, and more.

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