Two cooks preparing food in busy restaurant kitchen

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, “slip-falls are the number one cause of accidents in hotels, restaurants and public buildings; 70% occur in flat and level surfaces.” This statistic becomes even more alarming after realizing that employee slip and fall cases amount to more than $70 billion in medical expenses and employee compensation annually. If your restaurant’s flooring does not provide an ample amount of safety for your employees, you could be putting your business at risk for unplanned expenses resulting from a slip and fall accident. That’s why you need the leading floor installation company in Orlando to help you assess the current conditions of your restaurant’s flooring.

PPI Flooring has worked in the commercial, architectural, and industrial sectors, allowing us to gain a thorough understanding of the floor systems necessary for every type of facility imaginable. With a number of available finishes to choose from, and expert material suggestions from our team of flooring professionals, PPI Flooring is confident that your restaurant’s next concrete flooring installation will be completed with the highest degree of care possible. To learn why PPI Flooring is the top floor installation company for restaurants in Orlando, simply read more below.

Determining Aesthetics

Flooring is arguably just as important as tasteful artwork or high-end furniture when trying to elevate your restaurant’s level of aesthetics. By seamlessly blending these interior choices together, your restaurant will be able to display a look of uniformity that will surely impress your guests as they dine at your establishment. By creating a unique environment and dining experience for your guests, you can increase the chances that the individuals dining at your restaurant will turn into repeat customers. For example, if your restaurant is well lit, you may want to consider choosing a satin finish to decrease the amount of reflectivity in your restaurant. Conversely, a low-lit setting may be more ideal for a high-gloss finish, as reflectivity can help to illuminate low-lit areas.

That’s why our professionals at PPI Flooring can help you decide which kind of floor product will look best in your restaurant, so that you can spend more time tending to your guests while we provide the best possible choices for transforming your restaurant’s interior. This is just one of the many ways that our flooring experts can help guide you during the floor installation process to help make your experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Flooring Systems for Restaurants

While you may seek a highly aesthetic look for your restaurant’s dining area, you may not want to install the same epoxy flooring in your restaurant’s kitchen for several reasons. The kitchen of a restaurant is a wet environment, due to industrial dishwashers and spray hoses that can cause water to pool on your kitchen’s floor. This is incredibly dangerous for employees, especially when carrying heavy dishes with hot food. It is incredibly hard for employees to notice wet spots on the ground during times of high stress and an overwhelming amount of orders, which is why many employee injuries in restaurants are the result of a wet kitchen.

In fact, according to the book titled, “Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets,” approximately 85 percent of all worker’s compensation claims are due to employees slipping and falling on wet floors. This is why the need for non-slip flooring is so imperative for restaurant kitchens, as a simple slip and fall can turn into a headache for you, where you may be required to hire new staff or be short staffed while your employee is recovering from their injury. PPI Flooring can work with your restaurant to help you choose the ideal non-slip flooring surface for your kitchen while also installing a stunning floor in your dining area that will be sure to catch the eyes of your guests.

Antimicrobial Kitchen Flooring

Grime, grease, dirt, and food are all undesirable substances that accumulate daily on the kitchen floors of restaurants. If not promptly cleaned, these substances can cause serious health concerns and safety risks that could affect your employees at a later time. However, PPI Flooring can easily install an antimicrobial finish on your kitchen flooring, ensuring that you and your employees continue to serve the freshest food that is free of any potential bacteria that could potentially lead to foodborne illness.

Not only is a non-slip antimicrobial finish ideal for the safety of your kitchen, it can also prevent mold from growing in the corners of your kitchen flooring that could otherwise impact your employees’ respiratory health. While antimicrobial flooring offers several immediate health benefits for your employees, it is also far easier to clean than traditional flooring, making it a perfect choice if your flooring is beginning to look stained, old, or outdated.

At PPI Flooring, we have installed countless high-quality floors for restaurants around the world. As Orlando’s top floor installation company, our longstanding reputation within the epoxy flooring industry has allowed us to provide the highest level of customer service both locally and globally. If you are considering installing a new floor in your restaurant, don’t hesitate to contact the concrete flooring experts today at PPI Flooring. We provide no-obligation, no-cost proposals for every installation we are tasked with, and work efficiently to ensure that your business experiences minimum downtime while we install your new concrete flooring. Visit our website today to see how our team of friendly professionals at PPI Flooring can help you!