Empty garage with new epoxy flooring

If you are considering resurfacing your business’s floors, you may be wondering which kind of finish is right for your facility’s needs. With an endless amount of floor products to choose from, and highly specialized floor systems to fit every type of industry, deciding what kind of floor installation suits your business can be an incredibly challenging task. However, with the proper tools and knowledge provided by a qualified floor installation company, choosing the right floor products for your business will be easier that ever. That’s why, in part two of our multi-part series, we will be looking at a few more types of finishes that are commonly used in a variety of industries.

As Orlando’s leading floor installation company, PPI Flooring has served both the industrial and commercial sector for more than 25 years by providing unmatched customer service and the highest attention to detail for all of our customers. As leaders in the epoxy flooring industry, we possess the necessary experience to ensure that your next flooring installation project is completed in a thorough and timely manner. Learn about two additional finishes offered by PPI Flooring today by continuing reading below.


A high quality finish with moderate sheen, satin finishes are perfect for those seeking an architectural floor installation that provides a beautiful shine. This glossy finish will last for years to come and is ideal for those looking for the smooth and shiny look seen in a number of high-end homes around the world. If you are searching for a finish that does not have an excessive amount of reflectivity, but still offers a professional level of shine, consider the low-gloss characteristics of a satin finish.

Non-Slip or Textured

If you work in the foodservice industry, you understand just how highly trafficked your kitchen can be during a dinner rush. From food that is dropped on the floor, to water spills from loading and unloading your kitchen’s dishwasher, there are many variables that pose as risks to both you and your employees.

For this reason, PPI Flooring suggests using a non-slip finish that will help to protect your employees from accidentally falling during their shift. Pairing a high quality non-slip finish with our cementitious urethane is the ideal combination for restaurant owners, as these two floor products both possess antimicrobial properties. Non-slip flooring is also an exceptional finish to install in your dining area, as it will keep your guests safe if any unwanted spills occur while they are dining.

To view more of PPI Flooring’s available finishes, or to read more about our methodical flooring installation process, simply visit our website today. Having installed the best flooring systems for some of the largest brand names around the world, we are confident that we can help your business through every step of the floor installation process by providing material suggestions and expert advice backed by nearly 30 years of industry knowledge. To learn more about the leading epoxy flooring company in Orlando, or to receive your no-cost, no-obligation proposal, contact the flooring professionals at PPI Flooring today!