Start Big

Most folks tell you to start small in a variety of scenarios, but that’s the opposite of what you need to do in the event that you’re trying to successfully decorate a large area. You can’t start the decor for your salon based on a single chandelier. So, the idea that you should “start small” in regard to your decor is simply foolish. Indeed, the largest fixture you can make a decision on first will help guide you from here on out. If a chandelier, for example, would clash with the color of your walls, then you won’t get it and you’ll be able to hone the focus of your decor style with more finesse. Indeed, when decorating for a business, the best course of action is to start practical, and knock-out a big decision upfront. For example, if you were to choose your flooring style and color first, you’ll be able to choose chairs and curtain fixtures that go with that unique aspect of your salon. You won’t have to be matching something small to an entire room, you’ll be matching the entire room to the small accessories that you’ll need to make things look and feel complete. 

Of course, combining style and practicality is almost impossible, right? Wrong. With epoxy flooring, you can satisfy both your commercial and aesthetic needs with one product. In fact, epoxy flooring is probably one of the most practical decisions you could make for your new salon decor as it’s easily customizable, lasts forever and provides loads of benefits to every business owner that invests in it. Not convinced? Take a look at the myriad benefits you can access through epoxy flooring.


As a salon of any kind, you’ll likely be dealing with a variety of pretty interesting chemicals. From bleaching hair to applying nail polish and removing it, there are loads of different and very strong chemicals used in the average salon. That sort of damage on something on something like tile or hardwood would prove disastrous. The chemicals may even start eating through your flooring and getting down to the sub-flooring. If you’re renting or owning that would be disastrous, but with epoxy flooring, you can achieve a similar look without ever having to worry about the durability of the safety of your flooring. It can resist a remarkable amount of wear-and-tear and can protect any flooring underneath it. This makes it an excellent and very practical solution for most salons. Indeed, epoxy is free of pores and so it cannot soak in any spills of any kind and corrupt itself, thus, it’s rather chemical resistant. 

Slip Resistance and Pavement Abuse

It’s important, with so much water and slippery chemicals hitting the ground that your flooring isn’t dumping anyone on their butt. Whether it’s an employee that could file a worker’s comp report or a customer who could file something with the courts, it’s best to just keep your flooring slip-resistant as possible to make sure no one falls and hurts themselves while they’re at your salon. Luckily epoxy flooring is extra slip-resistant and makes your floor extremely safe for customers and employees to freely traverse without fearing any slipping. Additionally, the constant movement of your salon’s workers and customers won’t wear down on your epoxy either. You’ll be able to have high traffic areas that last just as long and look just as good as all the areas that are barely touched by a pair of shoes. This makes epoxy a much more cost-effective solution as, in the long run, you’ll end up paying less for your flooring on a per-year basis. 

You can even invest a little extra to find temperature-proof epoxy flooring recipes to ensure that nothing will be able to speed up the damage of your flooring. This can keep your floors looking sharp and clean for longer and decrease the risk of slips and falls on an uneven surface caused by burns or some reaction to extreme temperature. 

Easy to Install and Easy to Clean

Flooring is rarely easy to install and low maintenance. However, epoxy flooring is just that. Depending on the style and way you’d like your flooring to look, your epoxy flooring can be completed far quicker than any other flooring alternative. This saves you time in the beginning while you’re first designing your salon. But as you open and have to continue with the upkeep of your epoxy, you’ll be saving time then too. Epoxy is crazy easy to maintain and won’t leave your employees feeling put-out at how long it takes to clean the floors in your establishment. In fact, there’s essentially no need for harsh chemicals when cleaning your epoxy and can be cleaned with some of the lowest maintenance tools around. Besides, it’s better for your employees to be more focused on their clients, rather than on how much time they’ll have to spend cleaning a higher maintenance flooring material later in the day. 

Consistently Good Looking

It doesn’t just last, epoxy flooring lasts a really long time. That’s not just because it stays safe, even and slip-resistant for so long either. It’s because it’s one of the best looking flooring options around. This is especially true when you’re dealing with a commercial space that has a concrete floor. Concrete flooring requires an installation of sub-flooring before you can invest in any other type of flooring, that’s not just expensive but it’s not cost-effective either. When you can get a patch of flooring that’s easy to install, easy to clean and manage and incredibly versatile, that would seem to make the decision for you. But epoxy is not just all of those things, it’s also stunningly beautiful. Epoxy flooring has evolved into something desired by interior artists everywhere because of its versatility and super interesting patterns that can be accomplished with ease and finesse. 

Invest In Epoxy Flooring For Your Business In Orlando

If you’re looking for the perfect flooring option for your business, you found it. PPI Epoxy Coatings provides excellent craftsmanship for folks all around the Orlando area. We’re passionate about introducing people to the beauty and versatility that epoxy flooring offers to people. If you have questions about whether or not epoxy flooring would be a good solution for your business or home space, reach out to us. We’re always happy to discuss the possibilities with you and help you figure out if epoxy is right for you.

Have more questions about the epoxy installation process or what sorts of designs can be created with the use of epoxy flooring? Explore our gallery and learn more about epoxy flooring options before you give us a ring so you know what sort of look you’d like and what kind of function you’d like your epoxy flooring to satisfy. Or, jump right in and schedule a consultation in-person at your commercial or residential property to get a quote and a better idea of what we can do for your individual projects.