No matter your needs, PPI Flooring of Orlando is here and ready to get to work. Our epoxy flooring specialists excel in creating customized solutions to deliver the best floor systems across numerous industries. We understand how to get the job done, and will work with you every step of the way to ensure your automotive establishment is perfectly equipped for future success.

PPI Flooring is here to deliver the best results for every customer in the automotive industry. After installing more than 10 million square feet of epoxy flooring, we’re confident that we can outfit your property perfectly to protect your floors and keep them in beautiful condition for years to come.

Vehicle Manufacturing

Manufacturing plants require commercial floor systems that are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear. Safety is a top priority for these facilities, requiring surfaces to be durable, smooth, and slip-resistant.

PPI Flooring provide epoxy flooring that is built for the job, providing a rugged defense while also making the surfaces comfortable for human use. Our seamless floor coatings ensure there are no tripping hazards, holes, or other forms of damage. We can also increase the shine of your epoxy floors to improve visibility, coat the surface to add texture, and more.

Vehicle Repairs

Repair shops require a versatile floor system to provide the right level of protection from grime, grease, and chemicals while also resisting scuffs and scratches. Many mechanics rely on the low maintenance and ideal protection offered by epoxy flooring.

PPI Flooring can help you create a cost-effective plan for your new or existing building. We work hard to create the best floor systems, and our services can help you to keep a variety of dangerous chemicals from staining your floors. You can also personalize your epoxy floors to conform to your building’s needs, including pits, ramps, and more!

Automotive Sales

You rely on cleanliness and professionalism to show how committed your dealership is to your customers, making it essential to find a concrete flooring system that is rated to withstand the daily wear and tear while also shining beautifully. We understand that aesthetics are essential in auto sales, and can work with you to create an epoxy flooring solution that matches your design plan perfectly.

Our epoxy floor coatings are durable enough to withstand the movement of vehicles without marring the appearance, leaving your floors in ideal condition day-in and day-out. We can create a high-gloss floor that is almost mirror-like in appearance, showing off the key features of your vehicles in a professional setting.

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