From laboratories to manufacturing plants, businesses of all types depend on their concrete flooring to provide a safe, smooth surface. When it comes to industrial applications, it can prove difficult trying to adhere to stringent standards while maintaining an affordable result. PPI Flooring specializes in high-quality floor coatings in Orlando and beyond, providing premium finishes that you’ll be proud to work on.

Industrial concrete floors undergo a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, including foot traffic, heavy machinery, and more. Minor damages in your concrete floor can quickly worsen and create a safety concern. Coatings such as epoxy flooring can provide the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

Meeting Industry-Specific Demands

Your company must adhere to a range of industry-specific building codes to ensure the safest and most effective outcome. Failure to abide by these requirements can put your workers at risk and cost your business in fines and repair costs. Our floor coating specialists can provide personalized results to match your company’s specific needs, including chemical concerns, aesthetic demands, protective qualities, and budgetary restraints.

Versatile Floor Finishes

PPI Flooring of Orlando offers a wide range of finishes to address your industrial concrete flooring. From concrete polishing to epoxy floor coatings, we have the equipment and experience to get the job done right.

From bathroom floors to assembly line surfaces, every element of your building will need to be addressed to create an ideal finish. PPI Flooring can help every step of the way, deploying our decades of experience to tailor an ideal finish.

Beneficial Results

PPI Flooring has experience in generating high-quality results for industrial needs, including new builds, additions, and remodels. If your current floor could use a protective coating or you are planning on installing a new slab and want to protect it from the start, we can help to deliver lasting value and protection. Need a durable solution to keep your concrete floors safe from forklifts? Looking for a high-gloss finish to improve the lighting in your facility? We can help!

  • Sanitary results — Seamless finishes help to prevent the onset of mold and algae growth, improving hygienic conditions.
  • Protective surfaces — Keep dirt, grime, chemicals, and more out of your concrete floors. 
  • Waterproofing — Protective coatings for your industrial floors can help to stop water intrusion while also allowing for easy spill cleanup.
  • Anti-scuff protection — Keep dusting, wear, and abrasions at bay with a protective finish.
  • Prevent efflorescence — The migration of salt and other contaminants can seep to the surface of your concrete floors, staining them and ruining the flooring’s beauty. Epoxy coatings help to prevent this common occurrence.

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