Commercial floor coatings deliver an ideal balance of protection and aesthetics for business owners across Florida. PPI Flooring is proud to specialize in commercial flooring solutions, enhancing the finish for many industries. No matter your needs, we’re ready to get to work in providing a finish that will benefit your business and boost your bottom line.

Interior Concrete Floors

When it comes to commercial concrete flooring, there are many choices on how to protect the interior surfaces. Our epoxy flooring professionals can generate beautiful results that will enhance your business and the quality of your brand. Many businesses in Orlando rely on concrete flooring finishes, as they provide an excellent alternative to carpet, wood, tile, or vinyl. If your office building needs a quality floor finish, or your salon requires a low-maintenance floor, then our contractors will be happy to help!

PPI Flooring has the equipment and expertise needed to generate a high-value finish for your business. We offer a range of services to customize the results, including additives to personalize our epoxy floor coatings.

Exterior Floors

Maximize the shine of your exterior surfaces while blending the surface beautifully into the rest of your building design. Our epoxy flooring contractors specialize in a range of high-quality finishes, and can polish, stain, or stamp your concrete floors to create the perfect look. You can also focus on generating patterns to seamlessly guide traffic flow, or create a centerpiece to draw the eyes. 

Lasting Benefits

Your commercial business relies on generating the most value for your investment. Here at PPI Flooring, we’ve installed more than 10,000,000 square feet of epoxy flooring, and understand how important it is to provide a professional appearance.

If you’re considering a new finish for your commercial concrete floors, you can expect a number of benefits:

  • Durable — Our epoxy floor coatings and concrete finishes are strong enough to resist the heaviest traffic. Protect your investment from the onslaught of vehicles and foot traffic, and benefit from lasting results.
  • Low maintenance — Finishes such as our self-leveling epoxy create a seamless finish, covering the porous surface of your concrete to minimize any maintenance demands. Minimal care will help to keep your commercial floors shining for years to come!
  • Affordable — Decorative concrete installations and floor coatings can prove to be very cost-effective if your concrete flooring is in decent condition. Instead of replacing your floors, enhance them and save money with our team!

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