Seamless Results

PPI Flooring specializes in services such as self-leveling epoxy flooring, which means our team knows how to create a seamless finish for your floor system. We’ll finish your concrete floors with a 400-grit polish for a subtle, shiny surface.

PPI Flooring specializes in multi-industry flooring solutions, and can work with you to tailor an exacting system to cover all of your industry-specific needs. We’re here to address any concerns throughout your project, and can work with you every step of the way to achieve the exact look you’re searching for.

We Can Change the Colors

Our contractors offer a range of colors to help create a uniquely beautiful result for your surfaces. We can create numerous finishes to match each part of your facility, or we facilitate the use of one proven formula for fast and effective results. Over the decades, we’ve figured out how to create luxurious finishes, including satin, high-glass, and more.

Don’t Forget Your Texture Additives

Our second coat of concrete sealer can include anti-slip materials to enhance the texture and improve the safety of your facility. This may prove vital in facilities where slip-and-fall accidents are a top concern. PPI Flooring is available to provide additional changes to your satin finish, including any applicable ADA regulations. Contact us today to learn more!

Experienced Professionals

PPI Flooring of Orlando boasts an experience modification of .79. Insurance companies will make adjustments based on a company’s success in delivering safe, high-quality outcomes. Riskier businesses will have a number exceeding 1.0 while more experienced professionals will yield a lower number. This reduces our rates, which we pass onto our clients for affordable results that are here to last.

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