1. Can You Cover Cracks and Joints With Epoxy Flooring?

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  2. Can Epoxy Decay?

    Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable materials you can invest in for flooring materials. It makes for excellent industrial flooring because of its versatility, and a great residential flooring option due to its beauty. You can create almost any visual using epoxy, and that makes it easy to give…Read More

  3. How to Clean Your Epoxy Floors

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  4. Heat-Resistant Epoxy 101

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  5. Why You Should Design Your Hotel Lobby Using Epoxy Flooring

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  6. 2020 Trends: Epoxy Flooring

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  7. Why Epoxy Is Perfect For Salons

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  8. Did You Know? 8 Interesting Facts About Epoxy Flooring

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